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If you follow our blog and articles series, you will know that we talk a lot about content and its importance to SEO. One question we are often asked by clients is, “How often should I change and update my home page?” Here is what we recommend.

Your homepage, or landing page, is vital for many reasons. It is the front door and first impression you give to a new visitor. It is the first port of call for search engine spiders and it is the way you project and represent your brand to the world. It is also the best way of keeping activity on your website at a healthy level so the spiders continue to rank your website well.

We recommend you have a news feed or news update section on your home page so that a section of the content changes every few days. This keeps activity at a high level straight away. Continue reading


Yes! And it does not need to be expensive either.

So, now we have dispelled two huge internet myths, let’s look at PPC in a little more detail and find out how it really can help your business.

Pay per click is a way of using keyword led, paid for advertising space online. The beauty of it is you only pay for the clicks you get. The more clicks, the more you spend. You can set your budget to a set amount, and then once that level of clicks has been reached, you can stop or top it up. It gives businesses a huge amount of advertising and financial flexibility. It also means that if you start a PPC campaign and it is not producing the results you had hoped for, you can drop it or adjust the keywords to create a more fruitful result.

That’s why we love this form of marketing online. It is highly flexible and lets you gauge your levels of activity according to the response you are getting. Continue reading


Although Twitter is extremely popular with the very large brands, we are still hearing clients say they do not see the value of this particular social media platform. We are often asked whether Twitter is as effective for marketing commercial enterprises as we are all led to believe.

Well, you may be surprised by the answer we are about to give, but we think the answer is no. But let us qualify this first, by explaining what Twitter is really good for.

Twitter is an instant messenger of short messages that can be posted and responded to, in real time.

The art of using Twitter well is the art of knowing how to communicate in just a short amount of characters. Hashtags and links need to be used effectively too. Twitter is not a highly image driven site and so it does not lend itself to video, sound or photography, although all of this can be posted and shared on Twitter. Continue reading


We recently had a client who was keen to boost their SEO rankings as quickly as possible using content to attract new visitors to their website. We suggested they should run a competition. At the time, our client was quite surprised by our suggestion. The results however, spoke for themselves.

We thought this would be an excellent time to share some great tips. Here is how running a competition online can help to boot your SEO.

Let’s start with what not to do. Many companies make competitions too complicated, time consuming, or difficult. The best competitions involve easy and quick responses and answers. If a customer can enter your competition easily, in just a few minutes, you will have them. Continue reading


What is PR? The term stands for Public Relations, and it refers to any activity which gives the general public information about a company. In terms of SEO, PR means exactly the same. It is not just about press releases!

If you want to deliver some great PR to increase the profile and rankings for your company, here are some great tips to help you.

Regular news updates – These can be delivered via a blogs, press releases, or a news section on your website, social media and a weekly email newsletter are excellent too. Better yet, do all of the above! Continue reading


It appears to be. And yet we believe it is still a powerful way to communicate with customers. There is no doubt that the way emails are written, how they are designed and when they are sent is more important than ever before.

There seems to be a belief that emails are not as effective a method of communication as they once were. This is because of the backlash against spam in our in-boxes. We have all been annoyed by spam email from companies trying to sell something.

In order to avoid being dumped in the junk pile, you need to make sure your emails are crafted well, contain a real message and arrive in a timely fashion. Here are some simple tips to improve the impact of your emails. Continue reading


Blogging is a great way to build your brand. A blog is not just the regular posting of articles. It is a powerful way to give your brand a voice, personality and position it as an expert voice within your industry.

Your blog is a way to start a conversation with your followers, and your brand is what you would like your followers to be talking about, so it follows that a blog is the perfect brand marketing tool.

When you are writing a blog, keep your brand foremost in your mind. This is not just the theme of your industry, but what your company represents, how you want it to be perceived and the position it has in the market. Being consistent with your tone, register and voice will strengthen your brand. Continue reading


The internet is a necessity now. Only a tiny percentage of the developed world’s population are still conducting life and business away from the World Wide Web. People understand the potential the internet has created for mass marketing, massive sales and almost instant fame.

So why do some businesses still struggle? That’s a difficult question to answer, and we believe the nature of online commerce means that there will always be competition, and winners and losers. As SEO professionals, we believe that using as many tactics as possible to increase visibility and build a brand, can reduce the chances of failing online, and increase the opportunities for success.

The internet has become a global platform where anyone, anywhere can access any company, almost any person, and find all the information they could ever want on any subject. It has directly influenced our methods and frequency of communicating with people. And it has also changed the way we do business. Continue reading


Have you considered marketing on Facebook? As a business owner, you will already know the value of having a corporate Facebook page, but have you invested in advertising yet? This article discusses why advertising on Facebook is a good idea.

When you are creating a Facebook advert, you are asked to list the subject keywords you believe people will associate with your advert. For example, a fashion retailer could add keywords like designer handbags, or fashion on a budget, or lady’s designer wear, etc.

The keywords are an important part of your advert. They create its online identity and dictate who sees your advert. So, when a Facebook user writes a comment or posts a status, or clicks on another company like yours, Facebook will recognise this activity and your advert will be flagged as one of interest to that person. Facebook’s methods of targeting adverts are extremely clever. Continue reading


When you are planning your corporate communications, do you consider their over-all impact on the brand? Developing strategic communications can help you tie various different activities together so they are all working in harmony for the benefit of your business.

First, let’s look at the three key communication tactics which are all delivered online today:

Above the line communications – These are communications broadcast or disseminated to a large group of people, the masses. It is not as targeted and tends to rely upon large scale forms of communication. SEO is an example of this type of communication, keywords, banner advertising or article marketing, for example. Continue reading

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