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Is email marketing a thing of the past?

by admin | in Content Creation , Content Marketing , Email marketing , Internet Marketing , Internet promotions , Marketing , SEO

It appears to be. And yet we believe it is still a powerful way to communicate with customers. There is no doubt that the way emails are written, how they are designed and when they are sent is more important than ever before.

There seems to be a belief that emails are not as effective a method of communication as they once were. This is because of the backlash against spam in our in-boxes. We have all been annoyed by spam email from companies trying to sell something.

In order to avoid being dumped in the junk pile, you need to make sure your emails are crafted well, contain a real message and arrive in a timely fashion. Here are some simple tips to improve the impact of your emails.

Make sure they are branded – your emails should represent your business. They do not need to be overly designed or complicated. This makes them harder to load quickly. But you are looking for simplicity of design and layout that is clear and easily recognisable.

Right with purpose – don’t send an email unless you have to. Reasons to send communication could be an offer, a new range or line of products, interesting news, or an opportunity for customers, information that will help them is also a great reason. If your email does not meet one of these criteria, don’t send it. Never send an email reminding them you are there and asking them to visit the website: spam!

Learn from others – Sign up for some emails from leading brands and content sharing websites. You will be able to pick up some great tips on how to frame and word a great email. Try Mashable, Amazon, or Soul Pancake to see some effective and diverse examples.

Timing is everything – Be careful how many emails you send. Once a week is about right, but no more than two per week should be sent out. The only reason to send emails on a daily basis is if your business involves breaking news or daily developments. Think about when to send them too. This is all dependent upon when your demographic will be online and checking emails. And it depends upon your type of business. For example, have you noticed how many retail and lifestyle companies post emails on a Friday afternoon? This is no accident! They are trying to catch the Friday night, Saturday morning, online impulse buyers.

Let us know your own tips for writing and creating a great corporate email.

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