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Mobile Applications Development Solutions

Mobile Applications are transforming the way companies interact with their clients and customers. Apps can help provide practical solutions to business issues, and encourage your visitors to engage with you on the move.

Our development team here at Cartoozo can provide mobile solutions for your every business need. We create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Smart Phones, and are also experts at adapting websites for use on mobile devices.

Our dedicated mobile solutions team will work with you to develop an app idea that will benefit your company and stand out in a crowded marketplace, submitting different options for you to choose from before beginning technical work.

Each new app is subjected to emulator and field testing as standard to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Creating Optimised Mobile Sites

Part of our mobile solutions offering includes website creation and optimisation for mobile devices. If you have a mobile site already we will run a health-check to ensure that you are not missing out on traffic because of poor SEO.

Modifying your content

People who use mobile browsers are generally doing so on the go and need to be able to find the information they need quickly. General mobile solution rules are:

  • Keep content simple and remove complex data. If you are selling a product, prioritise information about its basic features and price. Cut back on extensive technical details.

  • Keep text short and concise.

  • Remove advertisements to improve page load times.

  • Design pages for 320 x 240 resolution.

  • Add alt tags for images and avoid Flash, fixed size objects (like tables) and large images.

App Development – What Makes A Good App?

Our mobile solutions team aim to create unique apps that:

Give a new experience – app marketplaces are crammed with hundreds of thousands of apps so it’s important to offer something different.

Don’t make money the priority – around 30% of apps go unused after launch day. We avoid the trap of trying to launch a ‘get rich quick’ application that offers nothing real to your users.

Everyone can enjoy – it’s not always possible to build apps that work across different platforms, but when we can, we do.

Play the field – Apple suggests that apps should cover two elements, where those elements are Serious, Tool, Fun and Entertaining. An education app, for example, might be a Fun Tool.

Don’t try to do too much – a fun app that sings songs to you while it does your shopping is trying to achieve too many things at once. Confusing apps get left behind – we keep it simple.

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