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This is something that everyone wants to do. Sadly, not every online business is able to fully achieve this and that is why they can have issues like low visitor numbers and low conversion rates. All these things will result in low sales which is not good for any business.

Generating leads is all about finding the people and being visible to the people who are looking for you. This is easier than you might image.

The first step is obviously to understand and identify exactly who is looking for what you are selling. There is often a temptation online to just blanket market to everyone. While this will certainly pick up a certain level of traffic to your website, it will not properly target the warmer leads that are actually ready to buy and actively seeking out a company like yours.

Pay per click and other formal internet marketing activities can help ensure you are visible and seen by the right people. Google AdWords for example, is a great way to ensure your company comes up in any searches which match your own unique combination of keywords.

Another way to generate leads is to harness the power you have at your fingers tips on your social media pages. Twitter is a great way to communicate with the masses and pick up a healthy following that will be attracted by the content and tweets that you share and these can lead them right to your website, blog or any content that gives them more information about what you are selling. Continue reading


Yes! The answer to this question is a definite yes. Deals and offers that are genuine and provide the consumer with something additional for their money are always successful. The promotions and offers that are not successful tend to fall down as a result of a few things. Here are some things to avoid when you are developing your own promotional offers to boost sales and customers.

Promotions should give customers something additional. This could be money off, a free item, or the chance to experience, win or own something. Whatever the addition is, it must be perceived as valuable by the customer or they may not take up the offer. Continue reading


Getting to know our customers is the best way to effectively market and sell to them. This is well known in marketing circles. The more you know and understand your customer the easier it is to find them, attract them and engage with them. Google has become a master at helping us do this.

While many people often object to the notion that Google follows our every move online, the fact is that as a marketing device, getting to know your audience is still the key method of successful marketing and consequent sales. Continue reading


We have noticed an increase in negative marketing tactics, and we’re not convinced they are a good thing. We don’t believe negativity is the best way to inspire a potential customer to buy your brand. There seems to be a growing trend online, to use negative press as a ‘stepping-stone’ toward tapping into a larger audience.

The logic behind this move, apparently, is to harness the traffic that is looking for the negative news, to re-direct them toward more positive statements. That makes some sense, and is a fairly logical approach when used within a reputation management context, especially after a problem. However, deliberately continuing to use that negative perception in order to attract visits or hits will only perpetuate the negativity, ultimately attaching that negative knowledge or belief to a brand for the rest of its existence.

Here is a fictional example based upon a real case study, where we were approached by a company that had used this negative approach to the detriment of its brand. Continue reading


Marketing on Facebook is known to be extremely successful. In addition to having a healthy FB page and regularly posting, you can create yourself a planned marketing strategy to deliver over a set period of time. This will raise the profile of your Facebook page and your website if you are clever.

Here are some great tips on how to create a good marketing plan for your social media activity on Facebook.

A marketing plan must be well timed, budgeted, and contain activity that creates a range of activities that cover a wide spectrum of media. Doing this for Facebook is not immediately obvious but here are some hints to help you. Continue reading


Do you have a good network of business contacts and colleagues from a variety of industries? Most company owners and CEOs do. These networks are built up over time as a result of partnerships, mutually beneficial business deals, and supplier/customer relationships. A rolodex full of good business contacts is not a new concept.

Surprisingly however, many businesses fail to realise the importance of their business networks to SEO. So, now you are asking how on earth a list of business contacts could possibly give your search engine rankings a boost. We’ll show you how… Continue reading


Yes! And it does not need to be expensive either.

So, now we have dispelled two huge internet myths, let’s look at PPC in a little more detail and find out how it really can help your business.

Pay per click is a way of using keyword led, paid for advertising space online. The beauty of it is you only pay for the clicks you get. The more clicks, the more you spend. You can set your budget to a set amount, and then once that level of clicks has been reached, you can stop or top it up. It gives businesses a huge amount of advertising and financial flexibility. It also means that if you start a PPC campaign and it is not producing the results you had hoped for, you can drop it or adjust the keywords to create a more fruitful result.

That’s why we love this form of marketing online. It is highly flexible and lets you gauge your levels of activity according to the response you are getting. Continue reading


Although Twitter is extremely popular with the very large brands, we are still hearing clients say they do not see the value of this particular social media platform. We are often asked whether Twitter is as effective for marketing commercial enterprises as we are all led to believe.

Well, you may be surprised by the answer we are about to give, but we think the answer is no. But let us qualify this first, by explaining what Twitter is really good for.

Twitter is an instant messenger of short messages that can be posted and responded to, in real time.

The art of using Twitter well is the art of knowing how to communicate in just a short amount of characters. Hashtags and links need to be used effectively too. Twitter is not a highly image driven site and so it does not lend itself to video, sound or photography, although all of this can be posted and shared on Twitter. Continue reading


We recently had a client who was keen to boost their SEO rankings as quickly as possible using content to attract new visitors to their website. We suggested they should run a competition. At the time, our client was quite surprised by our suggestion. The results however, spoke for themselves.

We thought this would be an excellent time to share some great tips. Here is how running a competition online can help to boot your SEO.

Let’s start with what not to do. Many companies make competitions too complicated, time consuming, or difficult. The best competitions involve easy and quick responses and answers. If a customer can enter your competition easily, in just a few minutes, you will have them. Continue reading


It appears to be. And yet we believe it is still a powerful way to communicate with customers. There is no doubt that the way emails are written, how they are designed and when they are sent is more important than ever before.

There seems to be a belief that emails are not as effective a method of communication as they once were. This is because of the backlash against spam in our in-boxes. We have all been annoyed by spam email from companies trying to sell something.

In order to avoid being dumped in the junk pile, you need to make sure your emails are crafted well, contain a real message and arrive in a timely fashion. Here are some simple tips to improve the impact of your emails. Continue reading

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