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3D Character Modelling

3D Character Modelling is one part of our suite of 3D Animation Solutions. 3D modelling uses specialist software to create a mathematical representation of a character, and is a particularly effective solution for creating lifelike characters.

Our team at Cartoozo have a wealth of experience in character modelling and will work closely with your company to understand what you want from your character. We use the latest technology and can make your characters as sophisticated or as cartoony as you like – just tell us what you want and we’ll make it possible!

How 3D Character Modelling Works

There are lots of ways to represent a model, but the three that we use at Cartoozo are:

Polygonal modelling – virtual lines are drawn to connect different points in space (vertices), creating a polygonal mesh. These have the advantage of being quick to render and are extremely adaptable. The disadvantage with this method is that is can only use straight lines – curves are a bit more tricky.

Curve modelling – important curves on a model are designated control points, which are weighted according to how vital they are to the main structure. The surface is then defined by these points.

Digital sculpting – 3D sculpting uses displacement, volumetric and dynamic tessellation to render a model.

We have other methods for shaping individual objects, including constructive solid geometry, which uses basic objects to create a more complex whole, and subdivision surfaces, a process of gradually refining a polygonal mesh to create new surfaces.

How We Can Help

At Cartoozo we offer a whole range of animation solutions, including 2D animation, 3D rigging, cartoon development and Flash.

Our animation team have over 10 years’ experience in the industry. We use the latest technologies to ensure your animations are top quality, and because we understand all forms of internet marketing, we’ll help you put your new animation to use spreading the word about your company once we’ve created it.

At Cartoozo, we believe in quality at every stage. Not only are our products excellent, we’ll make sure they’re delivered on time too. We believe in a transparent working process and value your feedback. We will always listen to what you have to say and take your feedback on board, to make sure you end up with a product you are happy with.

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