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BlackBerry Application

BlackBerry Application

BlackBerry devices are used by millions of people all over the world. They help working professionals stay in touch with their colleagues and keep up with the demands of a busy working schedule while away from their usual working environment.

At Cartoozo we have a dedicated team of expert developers who build unique, secure and dynamic apps for BlackBerry. We custom-make every application to meet your business’ needs, helping you to grow your business and attract a new audience.

Designing For BlackBerry

BlackBerry devices may share functionality with other Smart Phones, but they are much more geared towards a working platform. These devices tend to offer advanced features designed at helping you stay in touch with colleagues and carry out day-to-day working tasks when away from your desk.

This unique positioning means that as well as the usual games, entertainment apps and maps, BlackBerry’s platform scope also allows for sophisticated operational services, including:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - strategies for attracting new customers or clients, and nurturing existing ones by rewarding loyalty.

Enterprise Resource Planning – integrating internal and external management information across an organisation, including accounts, sales and manufacturing.

Internet / intranet access and messaging – vital for staying in touch and solving problems they moment they arise.

BlackBerry devices run an operating system that is designed for multi-tasking. At Cartoozo we create applications that work in conjunction with this system, using Java MIDP 2.0, WAP 1.2 and supporting Lotus Notes.

BlackBerry Applications

At Cartoozo we have a team of dedicated application developers and programmers specialising in developing apps for BlackBerry devices which are uniquely designed to suit your company’s requirements. We cover every type of application from games to business and work solutions, all customised to work best for your business.

Some examples of our applications are:

  • Games

  • Travel

  • Finance

  • Maps

  • Social networking

  • Education

  • Movies and music

  • Sports

  • Business

  • News

  • Entertainment

  • Messaging

Our thorough planning and development process involves you at every stage. We undertake thorough research to help us understand your company brand, goals, products and audience behaviour, and work with you to brainstorm ideas for applications that will appeal to your customers and the wider audience.

Cartoozo will also subject your application to thorough testing to ensure it fulfils best practice guidelines, making sure we deliver you a robust, reliable product that will last for years to come.

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