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This is like a million dollar question! Every business wants an answer to this very question. And the reason we ask it here is to illustrate this point.

Finding lots of people is not difficult. In fact, online, reaching out to millions of people is incredibly easy. The hard part is turning them form a viewer or visitor into a customer. If you want to know how to do this online, think about how it is done on the high street, in retail shops. In many ways, the two aren’t so different it’s just that one is a virtual shop as opposed to operating in the physical world.

High street shops attract customers by building a brand. Think about the leading high street chains you shop in regularly. They are well known because over time they have developed a strong brand which customers tie to what they sell. So for example, in the UK, Thornton’s is known as a toffee and chocolate shop, around the world, Costs is known for selling coffee, Boots is known as a chemist, and so on. Online, this is also true, and essential. You need to build your brand so that it becomes known, not just the name of the company, but what the company sells. Continue reading

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We’re being serious! When a new visitor arrives on your website, to what lengths do they need to go, to find your products, your services, and the place they need to be to become your customer?

We did an in-house study recently, simply by looking at a sample of different commercial websites online. We discovered that a large percentage of them were not creating a visible and easily followed path for customers to follow leading straight to the check-out. This situation must be affecting their levels of sales revenue.

You see, sometimes, it’s not about attracting even more people to your website, sometimes boosting sales, is about making sure they can find what they are looking for when they arrive. Have a look at your bounce-rate on Google analytics. Trace it and follow it over a couple of weeks, and look back at the last few months figures. If you have a consistently high bounce rate, your problem may not be in attracting visitors, but keeping them. Continue reading


Are you an online retailer, selling to the public via e-commerce? That is, can your customers choose what they want to buy from your website, pay for it, and then have it delivered direct? If the answer is YES, read on. We have some great insights into SEO for e-commerce businesses.

First, let’s help you get started by doing a quick self-test. Answer the following questions with either a Yes or No.

  1. Do you include an image for each individual product for sale on your website?
  2. Is there a brief description for each individual product for sale on your website?
  3. Do you provide a search facility to enable customers to find any product?
  4. Do you use indexing to help customers see where they are and know where to go?
  5. Do you store purchase information in order to learn about your customers buying behaviour?
  6. Do your customers have to register and login before they can purchase from you? Continue reading

The internet is a necessity now. Only a tiny percentage of the developed world’s population are still conducting life and business away from the World Wide Web. People understand the potential the internet has created for mass marketing, massive sales and almost instant fame.

So why do some businesses still struggle? That’s a difficult question to answer, and we believe the nature of online commerce means that there will always be competition, and winners and losers. As SEO professionals, we believe that using as many tactics as possible to increase visibility and build a brand, can reduce the chances of failing online, and increase the opportunities for success.

The internet has become a global platform where anyone, anywhere can access any company, almost any person, and find all the information they could ever want on any subject. It has directly influenced our methods and frequency of communicating with people. And it has also changed the way we do business. Continue reading


When you are planning your corporate communications, do you consider their over-all impact on the brand? Developing strategic communications can help you tie various different activities together so they are all working in harmony for the benefit of your business.

First, let’s look at the three key communication tactics which are all delivered online today:

Above the line communications – These are communications broadcast or disseminated to a large group of people, the masses. It is not as targeted and tends to rely upon large scale forms of communication. SEO is an example of this type of communication, keywords, banner advertising or article marketing, for example. Continue reading


As you may know, US users were invited to sign up for a Google Wallet debit card at the end of last month. Social media announced that the first of the cards have started to arrive with their new owners. Did you sign up for one? For US users, the wait is over and they can try out their new cards.

So we wanted to recap the features of the card, and ask a simple question: Is Google Wallet any different to any other debit card?

When you receive your card, you simply sign the back and activate it as instructed. The process is simple, straightforward and it is really, just like any other debit card. However, Google Wallet’s arrival presents potential new opportunities for online businesses. Continue reading

gift boxes over white background 3d illustration

Cyber Monday is less than two weeks away! For our clients and followers in the USA, Cyber Monday is big business. It is a term that was coined by internet marketing companies around eight years ago. The term refers to the first day of internet shopping after Thanksgiving. This year, it’s on the 2nd December.

Since the term first appeared in 2005, it has grown into a significant date for internet businesses all over the world, especially those who have a large percentage of American customers.

We thought it was a timely opportunity to remind you about Cyber Monday and share some tips to successfully prepare for it. If you have an online business, and have customers from the USA, then you may already have prepared for this online shopping bonanza. Either way, we’re sure we have some tips to help you. Continue reading

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