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ASP And ASP.Net Solutions

ASP And ASP.Net Web Development Solutions

ASP and ASP.Net are web development models particularly popular with e-commerce sites. They allow website creation with minimal coding, and although less popular than PHP, have the advantage of being fully integrated with Microsoft and the Windows server and tools.

This integration means that websites built with ASP.Net can be created, debugged and maintained within Visual Studio.NET – a very popular development environment.

At Cartoozo we have over 10 years’ experience developing websites using ASP solutions. Whatever your business, we can create a professional, stable website that meets the needs of you and your customers.

The Advantages Of ASP And ASP.Net Web Development Solutions

Swift execution – web applications execute more quickly than interpreted scripts.

Language compatibility – ASP.Net allows developers to write in multiple programming languages.

Object Oriented Programming (OOO) – OOO makes it possible to build large web applications without sacrificing clean coding, by separating code from display.

Access to the .NET framework – this extends the Windows API.

Familiar controls – the server controls on a web page look and feel like the controls on Windows applications, creating a familiar working environment. It’s possible to create new controls too.

Support – web services build with automatically support XML and CSS, plus SOAP, HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST protocols.

Cost – ASP.Net is free with Windows OS.

Web services feature – the web services feature with ASP.Net means that you can split several parts of an application across different servers, and the entire application will still work as a whole.

Microsoft class library – ASP.Net includes a class library with a wide variety of functions, reducing the need for code writing.

Visual Studio – Microsoft’s visual studio is an excellent tool for creating high quality applications and is only available with ASP.Net.

How We Can Help

Experienced development team – our web developers have been working with ASP and ASP.Net solutions for over 10 years and have established technical expertise.

Quick turnaround time – we work to tight schedules and never miss a deadline.

Quality, not cost – our prices are upfront and there are no hidden charges. You’ll never pay for something you won’t use.

Transparent working process – we believe in involving our clients at every stage of the design and development process, from information gathering to testing.

Rigorous development testing – our websites go through extensive debugging in the development environment before we ask you to test them.

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