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SEO & Internet Marketing Guide

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Guide for Beginners and Advanced SEO's - Learn SEO tactics, tips & tricks at Cartoozo™ blog to increase the number of visitors to your website.


Microsoft and Google are two very big companies, each have very different ways of conducting business and marketing their products. However, when it comes to marketing strategies and advertising, they are quite similar, but have some differences. Firstly, Microsoft. Microsoft mainly uses demographic & behavioural segmentation strategies to target its customers. As Microsoft are one […]

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Success of a business at a social media platform is all marked on it improved targeting and segmentation expansion. Buyer behavior of customers who are looking for great products online is highly affected by the marketing done by the respective company online. For analyzing the social media marketing impact, companies and businesses must focus on […]

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If you have your website, then you should try to secure additional income. All that is needed for this is to place an advertisement on your site, and then the money will drip into your account. To do such a thing and get paid for it, you should have: – It will be great if […]

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Do you agree that social media is just about photos and boasting? In this blog, I will not discover America for you, but I will open up the curtain of how people earn millions on advertising/PR/target and other tools of advertisements in social media. Have you noticed that on your account in Instagram or Facebook […]

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Here are four trends in digital marketing that should be kept in mind in 2020: From Terminator to the marketing managers’ toolbox Artificial intelligence has come a long way since Skynets and John Connor’s match in Terminator, and today AI is used, for example, to drive self-driving cars, simplify login to our iPhones through face […]

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Social Media is great for many things from communicating to networking. But Social Media is also brilliant for growing your business. Billions of people use Social Media everyday, and if you could turn just a few of these people into customers, you will see an increased profit in your balance sheets. In this article I […]

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Social media marketing is an exciting strategy that allows you to work while playing. What that means is, you can be on your favorite social media platform, putting all your social skills to good use, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your business. Social media marketing is a great tool that allows you to reach […]

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Have you ever noticed that Instagram promotions are very similar to the content on your feed? You can be scrolling through Instagram and find yourself liking a promotional advert post without even realising it is not someone that you follow. Instagram receives a lot of information by what you search there, the trends that you […]

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Compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing is still an alien theory to many people, but the rate that it has gained power in the marketing world is entirely fascinating. Take for instance the number of retail companies that have tanked because the access to an online market. There are people making a killing just […]

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We live in a technological age, where digital media rules the day. Everyone is hooked up to the World Wide Web, relying on the internet for everything from catching up on the news to buying their groceries. It’s vital for modern businesses to move with the times and make the most of digital technology to […]

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