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Custom Solutions

Companies that specialise in e-commerce rely heavily on having a website that is not only reliable, but helps them and their products stand out from the crowd.

At Cartoozo we understand that out-of-the-box e-commerce packages are not always right for your business. To perform best, they need to be specially designed with your company in mind.

Our custom solutions allow you to create a unique set of e-commerce services specifically tailored to meet your company’s goals.

Custom e-commerce solutions give your company greater control over every aspect of their e-commerce site, from the choice of programming language and platform, which payment gateway to use and the number and type of third-party applications to include. At Cartoozo, our dedicated team will work closely with you to create a package of features that is absolutely unique to your business.

The Process Of Creating A Custom Solution

Research and brainstorming – before planning anything, we will meet with your team to find out everything we can about your company’s core values, products and long-term goals.

Requirement gathering – we work with you to establish a set of requirements around your project goals, including:

  • Functional

  • Creative

  • SEO and marketing strategy

  • Content

  • Technical

Planning – we agree on budget and timeframes and construct a project plan detailing every stage of the project development.

Development – development includes programming, design, build, in-house testing and user acceptance testing. Each stage of the development process is planned during the requirements and planning stages.

Migration and launch – this involves migrating your customised applications onto the live environment, as well as SEO synchronisation. We then conduct a final round of performance and load tests to ensure the environment is stable before releasing it to you.

Why Cartoozo?

At Cartoozo our team of professional developers have over 10 years’ experience in e-commerce solutions. Everything we do is rigorously quality controlled.

Experienced programming and development team – our development team work with over 200 clients and have a vast wealth of experience in every aspect of e-commerce solutions.

The best programming practices – we use the most up-to-date understanding and knowledge to ensure our programming is always top quality.

We follow programming guidelines and standards – all our developers adhere to tried-and-tested programming standards.

E-commerce tracking – we offer e-commerce tracking as standard to help determine whether your site is achieving good ROI, and understand which of your products generate the most revenue.

Metrics we use