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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing - Social Media Marketing Services In UK

Twitter has nearly 200 million users and has become quite a social media sensation, with many a celebrity fan. But while it’s fun and simple to use, Twitter has increasingly being regarded as a vital communications tool for businesses too.

Having a Twitter account allows you to instantly let your customers and clients know what your company is getting up to. Twitter marketing & optimisation helps you use this tool to shape and protect your brand identity by getting followers – by sharing success or announcing a new product, or displaying a timely response if things go wrong.

Our team of social media marketing experts can help you use Twitter marketing to increase your followers, buy or getting followers on Twitter, build your client or customer base and measure your impact.

Why use Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing, when used correctly to get followers, comes with considerable benefits.

Brand visibility and management – frequent updates and relevant, interesting posts will help to spread the word about your brand among your followers. They’ll also give you some control over how to respond to what your audience says about you.

Talk to others in your industry – Twitter is a great tool for sharing information and keeping abreast of developments within your sector.

Get to know the competition – follow your competitors to see what they are working on, who are following them, and be aware of the resulting threats and opportunities for your business.

Increase traffic to your site – post links to your website, blog or other content to drive traffic and conversions.

Engage with your target audience – a great opportunity to find out what your followers and other people are saying about you. Re-tweet interesting posts and respond to questions to let your audience know you are listening and in turn increase your own followers.

Feedback tool – find out what people are saying about your company or product.

How we can help

Our social media marketing team is expert in helping you use Twitter marketing to your advantage, we can help you to get followers on twitter and facebook and increase you brad visibility among you users. We’ll be there to help you get started, plan a communications strategy and provide practical guidance about getting to know the tool.

Training – practical considerations including setting up an account, responding to messages privately, learning the lingo, finding followers and growing your own audience and tips on how to write your posts.

Measurement and analysis – understanding the tools that measure your impact on Twitter.

Guidance and strategy – creating communication guidelines around tone of voice, how often you should post, and understanding good and bad practice.

Integrating media – using photos, videos and audio files to maximise Twitter marketing.

Metrics we use