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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing - Social Media Marketing Services In UK

Facebook has over 800 million users and is widely considered a vital communications and marketing tool for businesses. With such large numbers, Facebook can offer as wide-ranging an audience as you could hope for.

At Cartoozo, our social media marketing team is expert in Facebook marketing to help your business make contact with this audience, spread the word about your brand, product or service, create a sustainable community and will also help you to buy or get Likes on Facebook.

Facebook marketing offers many advertising solutions, as well as tools to help monitor the success of your campaigns and find out who is looking at your Facebook page and how many likes you have received. We are here to help you use these tools as effectively as possible.

Using Facebook’s marketing tools

Creating a Facebook page – once you have a Facebook page, you can invite people to ‘like’ it and create a community of interested ‘fans’.

Automated status updates – keep your fans in the know with your latest news and updates.

Opinion polls – engage your audience and get useful feedback with Facebook’s free opinion polls.

Targeted advertising – target your audience by age, location and interests with this PPC-based advertising tool. You can test a combination or images and text to see what works best.

Promotions and competitions – create individual landing pages to advertise a new product, make an announcement or promote engagement with a competition.

How we can help

However you want to use Facebook marketing, whether to reach a larger audience, increase traffic and conversion to your website or increase brand visibility, our team of experts can help.

Facebook marketing strategy – our social media marketing team can help plan your Facebook marketing strategy for getting more facebook followers, giving guidance on tone of voice, managing your status updates and planning engaging content around important timelines for your business.

Integrating social plugins – expand your reach with Facebook Connect and other social plugins to get more friends and likes.

Build a community around your business – guidance on how to engage with your community, through relevant content, opinion polls, games and applications.

Advertising campaigns – we create individual advertising social media campaigns based around your business needs. We can design and implement targeted advertising by location, age and interests, create branded Facebook ‘tabs’ and landing pages.

Measurement and analysis – we provide guidance on how to use Facebook’s analysis tool, Insights, to monitor your audience, conversion rates and the success of your campaigns.

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