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Business Profile Creation

Optimised Business Profile Creation Service

A business profile represents the face of your company. A well presented and optimised profile establishes brand identity, inspires trust, encourages customers and creates a memorable impact.

It is also your chance to publicly establish your company’s unique selling points and generate positive perceptions of your products and services.

Businesses are increasingly using social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to establish their corporate image online, and also to interact with their customers and competitors too.

At Cartoozo, our team is expert in optimised business profile creation and can help you set up and manage your profile across a variety of social platforms to ensure that your image remains consistent, transparent and trustworthy.

Why Create An Optimised Business Profile?

Optimised Business profile creation ensures that your company has a public face – it helps spread the word about your products and services. It also gives you greater control over brand perceptions and demonstrates your willingness to engage with those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Spread the word – advertise your company and your brand across a variety of social networks.

Establish a consistent image – a single, good quality optimised business profile can be adapted to various media, giving you access to a wider audience without compromising your image.

Engage with your customers – sparking a conversation from your page on Facebook or business profile on Twitter is more natural than a traditional advertising campaign. It encourages give-and-take – you have a platform to speak to your customers from, and they also have the chance to share their thoughts and feedback with you.

Reputation management – An optimised business profile on Facebook or Twitter is a more casual way of interacting with your audience, but it’s incredibly important. You can respond in real time to queries or concerns from the public, have greater control over how your company is perceived, and deal with crises quickly.

How We Can Help

At Cartoozo, we are experts in brand management and business profile creation.

Planning and copywriting – we can help you express your company’s unique selling points, values and identity in a way that is user-friendly and works well in social forums. Our expert copywriters know what works for web and can help you plan a communications strategy as well as shaping the public face of your business.

Building a business profile – we can help with the nuts and bolts of setting up your profile or profiles, providing advice on account creation and management and all the technical stuff.

Community management and moderation – we can provide expert guidance on expanding your online community and managing discussions and threads.

Social media marketing – find out about our Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and LinkedIn marketing.

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