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Ad Networks

by admin | in Blogging tips , Google

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’re interested in monetizing your blog. One of the most popular ways to do so is advertising. There are many different forms of advertising out there for bloggers – from ad networks like Google Ad Sense, to direct advertisements, to affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

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There is no doubt that the nature of the blog has changed. It is no longer a free pass to publication and millions of followers. Every day another new blog is added to a website or to one of the many blogging platforms like Blogger or Tumblr. However blogs still have a powerful role in quality content creation, SEO and online marketing. Here’s how –

Blogs help you carve a niche in your industry as an expert. They help you share your thoughts and ideas with your own audience in a way that gives them more information about you and your business. People still want to read articles and information and if they are written well they still have a place online. You can also use your blog to strengthen your brand and to share the types of work you do.

Whatever your business, whatever industry you belong to, if your blog shares new information or a new perspective and lets your voice be heard, it is a powerful thing and will have a positive effect. Continue reading


We’ve been noticing an increase in the number of articles discussing blogs and their future on the internet. Some of these articles are claiming that the age of the blog is over, and that blogs are no longer useful, attractive, or even read.

We disagree! They are useful, and read, by millions of people on a daily basis. Admittedly, the way blogs are used has changed, and reader behaviour has changed too, but there is no doubt that blogs still play a very important role in content creation and SEO.

Here are some of our thoughts on why we believe blogs are still important. Continue reading


Blogging is a great way to build your brand. A blog is not just the regular posting of articles. It is a powerful way to give your brand a voice, personality and position it as an expert voice within your industry.

Your blog is a way to start a conversation with your followers, and your brand is what you would like your followers to be talking about, so it follows that a blog is the perfect brand marketing tool.

When you are writing a blog, keep your brand foremost in your mind. This is not just the theme of your industry, but what your company represents, how you want it to be perceived and the position it has in the market. Being consistent with your tone, register and voice will strengthen your brand. Continue reading


Today, we thought it would be good to debate the pros and cons of having a blog on your website. We have noticed that a huge number of companies now have a blog on their page. Do blogs really work? Are customers reading the blogs or are they a waste of time, resources and space?

We have had clients who believe their blogs are a waste and that there is little point in having a blog. In our experience we would have to say that blogs are an excellent device for regular sharing of valuable content. The problem with many blogs is that they do not share valuable content and often they are populated by uninteresting articles that do little for the company or the brand.

As a way of helping you to improve your blog and the number of followers it has, here are some simple tips which take you back to the basics of blog writing.

Blogs should have a theme. The theme of your blog is not what it is called, and it is not the same as the theme or brand of your company. Your blog should add something new to the information already on your website, it should not duplicate it. Continue reading


If you have a blog, you will already know what a powerful tool it is for sharing content and attracting a wider audience. From an SEO point of view, we have already mentioned how a blog is a great way of creating natural activity on your website, and of engaging your customer.

There a so many SEO benefits to be gained from a blog we thought we should do a quick list of them. You may be aware of some of these, but we think there will be a few on this list which may pleasantly surprise you too. Continue reading


Have you tried Pinterest yet? It is currently the fastest growing social media platform, especially amongst the female population. So if your business brand is of a predominantly female audience, you should seriously consider putting yourself onto Pinterest. The latest statistics suggest that nearly 60% of users on Pinterest are women.

There’s more. The women tend to be either high earners or stay and home mothers with a healthy disposable income. They are shopping influencers and therefore they are a marketer’s dream! No doubt you have read it is where all the ‘DIY and crafty Moms’ or the ‘brides-to-be’ gather. This may be one aspect of their demographic, but so is their love of high-end designer fashion, home décor, interiors, travel and all sorts of luxury household items. If you want to influence the most influential buyer in the home, then you need to get on to Pinterest. Continue reading


The Festive season is upon us so it’s time for another round of Top 10/20/50/100 breakdowns of the year. Yahoo has published a range of top ten charts this year, including top searches, top news items, top male and female celebrities and so on. Many of them are just for fun, but some of them can contain useful information, especially for content creators and SEO professionals.

While not all of us are particularly interested in the latest developments from the Bieber/Cyrus universe, there is value in keeping an eye on the top trending topics and searches. This is especially true if you are a content creator, a website owner, or involved in SEO in any way – which is most of us these days.

It matters, and this is why: We’re not sure if this is the official term for it, but we believe it’s like ‘surfing on the crest of a wave’. Here’s an example – Continue reading


Do you have a blog? For many companies, it is an excellent way of sharing news, advice and professional tips. Giving your clientele a way to learn, or pick up valuable advice. It will help you build your brand, reputation as a professional, and it will help to build your readership. Blog followers turn in to customers.

The worst thing to do is let your blog go stale, quiet, or worst of all, remain languishing in a dusty corner of your website, unread and unseen. Keeping a blog healthy is not difficult, and does not need to be time consuming. The goal is to develop your voice, build a rapport with your readers, and let the personality of the blogger, and the company brand, shine through.

Here are some quick tips to help you keep your blog followers engaged and interested. Continue reading


There are literally millions of blogs on the internet, covering a huge variety of subjects and interests. One thing they all have in common is that they contain articles which can be searched for, and found via the search engines.

The most popular blogs will obviously show up at the top of search results. For many bloggers, having a popular blog may have happened by chance, as a result of the growing popularity of the articles they are publishing.

Although bloggers don’t need to be SEO experts to be successful, here are some invaluable tips that we believe all bloggers will benefit from. If you have a blog, you can achieve great results like higher rankings, an increase in links, and growing visitor numbers, all without spending too much time on traditional SEO tactics. Continue reading

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