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Keyword Research & Development Service

SEO Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword analysis is at the heart of good Search Engine Optimisation. Well-used key words and phrases help target a wide audience, find new customers, optimise spend and increase conversion rates. It’s a practise that’s worth spending time getting right.

Keyword analysis involves examining which keywords drive traffic to your site and lead to your visitors converting – that is to say, buying your products, signing up to an event or engaging with your brand.

Identifying high performing keywords is vital for the success of both natural search and paid advertising. At Cartoozo, our team of SEO experts has years of experience in discovering appropriate, high-performing keywords for each brand.

Why Bother With Keyword Analysis?

In any campaign, publicity, advertising, search engine optimisation and market reach is a primary focus. In search marketing, it is keywords that dictate the success of your entire campaign. Effective keyword analysis can:

Optimise budget allocation – spend money on the search terms that are proven to drive people to your website.

Increase brand visibility – relevant keywords mean that your website is better indexed by search engines and more likely to be found by an interested audience.

Prioritise your time – organise campaigns around proven winners.

Keep an eye out for trends – SEO keyword analysis can help identify what your competitors are doing – what works well and what doesn’t. Certain search terms that relate to significant world events may work extremely well.

Increase conversion rates – successful keywords are great for conversion rate optimisation and increasing ROI.

Increase effective PPC advertising – although PPC advertising ensures you only pay for each time someone clicks on your advert, it can’t guarantee that visitor will convert. Good quality keyword analysis means that you are more likely to reach your target audience, optimising your spend.

How We Can Help

Keyword analysis is painstaking and time-consuming, but it yields excellent results. Our team of experts at Cartoozo can do all the leg work to identify keyword winners for your brand.

Analysis by KAT – we can analyse all traffic to your website over a given period to establish which key words and phrases encourage the highest conversion rate. Each keyword will be assigned a KAT rating to measure its success.

Trend analysis - we’ll test keywords against current trends.

Performance grader – testing your keywords against specific criteria such as quality score, long-tailed keyword optimisation and appropriate use of negative keywords.

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