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Software Development
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Software Development

At Cartoozo we have over 10 years’ experience in cost-effective software development. Our aim is to provide uniquely tailored solutions across a wide range of software development services, including bespoke software creation, enhancements, testing, maintenance and consultancy.

Our web application development services are designed to give you complete control over every aspect of your website. With solutions encompassing client server application development, component development and distributed application, our dedicated team will work closely with you to identify the best product for your business.

At Cartoozo we work closely with over 200 clients and understand that every business is unique. We are comfortable developing software for every industry, from decision-making software and databases to image editing and computer-aided design. Whatever your specialism, we’ll make sure you get the best possible solution.

Our Software Development Services

Our expert development team are well-versed in every aspect of software development. Here are some of the services we offer:

Client server application – client side applications that can be interacted with in a variety of different ways. We create layouts, page performance and incorporate JavaScript to create a usable interface.

Distributed application – we create software that can be used on multiple computers within a network, perfect for businesses with multiple users.

Product component development – we produce components that help add value and functionality to your existing software architecture.

XML application – we used XML technologies such as XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, XPath to create unique software solutions for processing your business data.

Oracle application – we use oracle to develop database centric web applications. application – custom development of databases and business software using Microsoft’s ASP.Net platform.

PHP application – bespoke software development using the popular open-source PHP platform.

Why Cartoozo?

Cost-effective – our expert development team work in the most cost-effective way to ensure you only pay for what you will use.

Research – we will always work closely with your company to ensure we understand your business requirements and the demands of your workplace.

Industry expertise – our dedicated team follow best practice procedures at all times, ensuring efficient delivery. We also use cutting-edge technology to deliver advanced solutions.

Rigorous testing – all our products undergo extensive testing. Our well established infrastructure means we can test in a real environment, helping to deliver you a reliable, high end product.

We also offer website development, e-commerce solutions and mobile application solutions.

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