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PHP Application

PHP Application

PHP Applications are a great, flexible software solution for your business, whether you’re looking to upgrade your software with new components or get a bespoke application customised to your specific requirements.

PHP is open-source and used by developers throughout the world to create applications. New improvements and upgrades are constantly being fed in to PHP development practices, making it incredibly versatile and capable of supporting sophisticated functionality.

PHP also has the advantage of being widely compatible with other platforms, tools and editors, and is used by large-scale popular websites like Google, Amazon and Wikipedia.

At Cartoozo we have over 10 years’ experience in PHP Application development. We work closely with your business to understand your requirements to help deliver a reliable application that will help drive your business forward.

Our PHP Application Services

Our services include:

  • Website and Application development

  • Application migration

  • Technology upgrade

  • Software component development

  • Consultancy – practical help in managing and implementing your software

  • Architecture and design evaluation

  • PHP Client-server development

  • Content Management Systems and back-end solutions

Our team of developers adhere to best practice guidelines and use the latest technology to ensure we deliver a product that’s both cutting-edge and reliable.

We also offer software solutions using XML, Oracle and PHP. Find out about our other software development solutions.

Why Use PHP Application?

PHP is compatible with Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Unix and many other operating platforms, making it uniquely versatile.

Cost-effective - PHP is free to use and upgrade, with no licensing cost, meaning the only thing that costs money is implementation labour.

Support and resources – as PHP is open-source, it is used by thousands of developers worldwide. This community is always looking to improve and upgrade the functionality, meaning there are always new and sophisticated solutions just around the corner.

It’s great for ‘back-end’ systems – many content management systems are built using PHP.

High level security - PHP offers adjustable levels of security to help prevent malicious attacks.

Quick to deploy – PHP doesn’t use a lot of system resources so it tends not to slow things down. It’s also possible to accomplish complex functionality in relatively few lines of code, which cuts development time.

Editor-independent – PHP is compatible with a wide variety of open-source editors.

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