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A Social Media Marketing Story

This Social Media Marketing Story is about bubbles. Right; there’s no misspelled word here. Bubbles are our tiny comfortable worlds that harbor us and won’t let anyone who thinks differently from us enter. This bubble is like our Facebook feed and it swiftly becomes our idea of reality. But this idea shatters when you scroll down your mother’s Facebook feed or your uncle’s or… your neighbor’s maybe. Maybe we should organize an auction, with people auctioning their Facebook feed to each other for a brief period to realize the gap. Continue reading


The world of online marketing is growing rapidly, but one stable component of online marketing has and always will be the content that is being produced. Online marketing content is all about making a business or brand stand out, it helps them to be seen by the public, and it eventually leads to building their reputation and improving their bottom line in the industry. Those who create content for online marketing realize the importance of showcasing the integrity of the brand they are representing, while also being creative in how they are presenting the information. Continue reading


Continuing on form our last blog here is part two of our feature on Google Panda.

The clues to how your website is really performing are in your Google Analytics.

Look for high bounce rates of over 40% – this indicates you are not holding your visitor’s attention. Look for low page views – 2 pages or less means your website is not attracting their full interest and giving them incentive to read more.

Look for patterns in visitor behaviour to your site – which page is landed on most often? Where are the views coming from? Most companies will find their pages views are coming from existing connections and this shows they are not attracting new visitors.

Where are the new viewers? They are there, millions of them! And you really can attract more people and boost sales by paying closer attention to and improving the content, the look of your website, the calls to action you give your visitors, and the way your website is designed to function. Continue reading


There is no doubt that the nature of the blog has changed. It is no longer a free pass to publication and millions of followers. Every day another new blog is added to a website or to one of the many blogging platforms like Blogger or Tumblr. However blogs still have a powerful role in quality content creation, SEO and online marketing. Here’s how –

Blogs help you carve a niche in your industry as an expert. They help you share your thoughts and ideas with your own audience in a way that gives them more information about you and your business. People still want to read articles and information and if they are written well they still have a place online. You can also use your blog to strengthen your brand and to share the types of work you do.

Whatever your business, whatever industry you belong to, if your blog shares new information or a new perspective and lets your voice be heard, it is a powerful thing and will have a positive effect. Continue reading


LinkedIn is a popular social network for business people and for companies and small businesses. It is now the leading business social network and continues to grow. Using this platform to promote yourself and your business can be extremely effective and recent changes have made it even more powerful as a method of free online marketing.

Although there is a premium version, you can set up your LinkedIn profile for free. The free option still gives you the ability to expand your network and share your talents, abilities and portfolios with the wider business community. Continue reading


There is no doubt that one of the best ways to improve your ranking on a search engine is by consistently posting good quality content. The content you create, whether it be articles, web content, images, video or any other internet content, has a direct influence on who you attract and the natural traffic you generate for your website and social media pages.

A PPC campaign or an internet advert may succeed in attracting people to your website, however, it will not necessarily keep them there and encourage them to read and explore all your content. In order to do that you need to engage with them. The best way to engage with internet users is to give them interesting things to read and watch which informs them entertains them and makes them want to share it.

For an example of this, have a look at leading content sharing websites like Buzzfeed and Mashable. They have built their reputations upon sharing excellent content, whether it is their own or someone else’s. Continue reading

blcak hat

You will have heard of Black Hat techniques. They are the less than honest ways some companies attempt to boost their rankings on the search engines. Here is a list of some of the most widely used and widely noticed black hat tactics you should always avoid.

Unrelated keywords are a no-no. Using unrelated keywords to gather more hits is regarded as a black hat technique. Using celebrity names and brand names in a way that has no relevance to your content will only serve to diminish the perception of your company and the content you share. Keywords should only be chosen when they are relevant to your company and are what potential customers are searching for.

Stuffing and stacking keywords is just another form of spamming. This is when keywords a repeated many times within the content in an unnatural way. Being repetitive with different combinations of the same words is also seen as stuffing. Don’t do it. The Google bots will spot it and your readers will not appreciate it. In the long run, it will not have the positive effect you were hoping for. Your content should have logical structure with proper paragraphs and sentences. Continue reading


LinkedIn has changed a lot recently. We thought it was worth sharing some tactics you can use to give your profile a boost on the site, and influence SEO. Making the most of LinkedIn will be good for your business, career, and your rankings.

Use Pulse to follow the right people and influencers – in addition to accessing the latest news and information in your industry, following the right people and influencers on LinkedIn is another way to be seen in the right crowd. The influencers you follow will appear on your profile letting potential connections see your interests, passions, and motivations. You immediately look proactive and interested in what is going on in your world. Valid and intelligent comments have often turned into new connections and business opportunities on LinkedIn. The site has over 500 influencers to choose from and learn from so there is someone there for every industry.

Share content! LinkedIn lets you share content now and there is no reason that you should be keeping quiet. Recently announced statistics revealed that there are still a large percentage of users who rarely use their accounts and only check them occasionally. LinkedIn is a business network that should be accessed and used regularly. Continue reading


Article marketing forms the foundation for any long-term link building strategy. Writing quality articles and sharing them on a regular basis builds up the level of content you are sharing, and the number of back-links being created. The better the quality of articles, the more chances you will have that they will be read and shared, increasing the exposure and spreading the content and back-links.

Have we convinced you about the importance of article marketing?

Here are some tips to help you make your articles of the highest quality, so they stand out, are read, and shared. Continue reading


How many video adverts have you seen? We guess you have seen countless video adverts! The growth in popularity of services like YouTube, Vimeo and Vine have made the concept of video advertising something that everyone considers normal. And yet, we have noticed there are still a great number of companies that are not using this form of internet marketing to promote their products and services.

Video advertising, once the realm of the large well-known brands, is not accessible to anyone. High quality videos can even be shot form our phones these days, and simple editing software can be purchased and used for very little outlay. We’re not saying that just about anybody could come up with a winning viral video advert. But we are saying that it is within the financial and practical reach of any business that is operating online.

Here are the top reasons why we think video advertising is for everyone! Continue reading

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