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Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is the process of choosing your website name and buying the right to use it for a certain length of time.

Cartoozo can act as the registrar for your company, helping to identify available domain names that may be useful to your business and complement those you have already.

If you are expanding the reach of your business it is often a good idea to research available domain names that relate to your new areas of expansion – for example, new products or services. Cartoozo will undertake research to find the best domain names for you.

We can also act as a proxy, in case you are uncomfortable providing personal contact information for the WHOIS database.

Domain Names And Domain Registration

When we register a domain name for your company, you will have full DNS (domain name service) control over it. This means you can point your domain name to any URL you like. You can also:

Send email – create a webmail account using your website address or forward emails to an existing address. This means you won’t need to change your email address if you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Park a domain – you can buy domains you think you might need and keep them in reserve. This means they are not available to the general public and you can use them any time you want.

Domain extensions – we can register the same domain name under multiple domain extensions, such as .com, .net., .org., and Having a single domain name with different suffixes increases your findability and helps bring traffic to your website.

Other Online IT Services

Once we have registered your domain name or names, we can also take care of the next stage of the process by hosting your website. Our various hosting solutions are reliable, secure and affordable:

Shared web hosting – our shared hosting options minimise the cost of hosting by running multiple websites from a single server. A great option if your company has microsites in addition to your main web presence. Know more ...

Dedicated hosting – our dedicated hosting option allows you to lease an entire server, giving you the choice of operating system for increased flexibility. Know more ...

Reseller hosting – allowing your company to host websites on behalf of third parties. Know more ...

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting – each virtual server can run its own operating system and is separate from other hosting services. Know more ...

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