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Success of a business at a social media platform is all marked on it improved targeting and segmentation expansion. Buyer behavior of customers who are looking for great products online is highly affected by the marketing done by the respective company online. For analyzing the social media marketing impact, companies and businesses must focus on its marketing strategies which include distribution channels, price, product and modes of communication as they together can influence on more success of the company. Brand buyers are found involved and attracted towards product’s popularity, quality and vitality.

  • Brand Awareness:

Social media marketing is offering ample opportunities for brands to showcase their creativity and to bring awareness among customers. Social media allows the brands to run successive promotions and campaigns for their products in order to attract audience by engagement. This improves brand awareness among the customers and they start knowing the product. Social media is diverse and due to this reason it helps a lot in connecting the brands with social media audience. Try to focus on creativity of your campaign instead of selling it as this will grow the business more.

  • Brand loyalty:

Brand loyalty is very important and it comes up when a company looks towards building relationship on trust, great quality and costumer’s satisfaction. Brand loyalty plays an eminent role in leading high revenues and in generating customer referrals. Social media marketing helps the businesses o build amazing customer service online. This helps them to resolve their queries quickly and allows the customers to share their experience with the product online in a more efficient manner. Research shows that about 66% of the social media users are loyal to their respective brands due to the quick responses they get on their queries.

  • Customer service improvement:

It has been seen that with increase in social media marketing, customer service is now changed. Instead of talking on call centers of respective companies, customers now prefer to post their queries online. Social media gives them the chance to have their problem resolved with immediate action. As a matter of fact, businesses do not want their image to be affected online so they tend to provide the best customer service. In this way, a positive impact of brand is created on the audience where they take care of its customers in a proactive behavior.

  • Promotion:

One of the most vital components of marketing mix on social media is promotion which is very obvious for positioning of a brand. There must be a consistency in communication between business and its target market, position in market relative to competitors and all the tactics that have been taken for positioning of brand. For the customers’ interest towards brand’s products, for brand imaging and for buyers’ behavior inspiration and motivation, communication is very essentially used. For delivering messages and for positioning all the communicated strategies, social media is using marketing integration. Social media is giving the opportunity to brands of putting up advertisements for communicating its customers about products, prices and position in a more efficient way. Promotion through social media advertising is performed through different types of campaigns and business boosting plans.

  • Reaching luxury positions:

It is seen that businesses on social media has gained loyalty of its name and trust of its customers by providing them top notch, stable, high quality and uniqueness as they do not want their reputation to be affected. The brand on social media is successful with its expansion of market, distribution channels and also the increased promotion. These tactics of marketing mix elements, social media has helped companies and brands to reach its luxury position in the market against competitors and is also successful in making customers satisfied.

So these are some of the major impacts that social media is creating on businesses online.


Social Media is great for many things from communicating to networking.

But Social Media is also brilliant for growing your business. Billions of people use Social Media everyday, and if you could turn just a few of these people into customers, you will see an increased profit in your balance sheets.

In this article I will be mainly focusing on Instagram and Twitter but the same concept applies for all the other social networks.

1. Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter.

One cool feature of Twitter is it’s trending column.This can be a goldmine for businesses.

Let’s use Popeyes as an example. I am assuming you are familiar with them. If you are not,they are a fast food company based in the USA and recently they introduced the chicken sandwich on their menu.

The chicken sandwich quickly became a trending topic, and millions of tweets were sent about it. Many of these compared Popeyes chicken sandwiches to the chicken sandwiches of other major fast food restaurants, like Wendy and Chick-fil-A.

This gave Popeyes free branding and drove thousands of customers to their stores. In fact the demand was so big they sold out their entire stock of chicken sandwiches in two weeks and had to wait two months before they could resume selling their chicken sandwiches. Popeyes sales increased by 42% for the last three months of 2019, and a big part of this can be attributed to becoming trending on Twitter.

If you can get your products trending on Twitter, you will be able to benefit from free branding and gain many customers, so it’s worth your time attempting to go viral.

2. Instagram

Instagram is also another great platform for businesses looking to grow, and there are some great marketing methods that can be used on Instagram.

My personal favourite is, direct messaging Instagram pages with large followers in a specific niche.

I’ll explain this some more.

Let’s say for example you sell camping gear.

With a few quick searches you should be able to find a page that is dedicated to camping or something similar.

Within a couple of minutes of searching I found this page.


The people that follow this page are likely to be interested in buying camping gear which means it will be much easier for you to sell to them.And they have over 80,000 followers, which is a large group of people to sell to.

Now this is where you turn the followers of the page into your customers. You pay the page a fee to promote your product on their story.The followers of the page will see the post and some of them will buy, therefore increasing your sales.

You can follow this strategy with whatever niche you are in;from technology to plumbing tools, it is effective no matter what you are selling.

The best thing about this strategy is that it’s cost-effective. Most pages would charge $25 to $50 for a promotion and this a small price to pay for a dozen new customers.

In conclusion,taking advantage of Social Media is a great way to grow your business. Instagram and Twitter are good places to start but the other social networks are also worth investing in.

Start using them.


Social media marketing is an exciting strategy that allows you to work while playing. What that means is, you can be on your favorite social media platform, putting all your social skills to good use, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your business.

Social media marketing is a great tool that allows you to reach new customers and build up your brand recognition. For some, it requires years of practice and attention. Others choose to develop their strategy by following several trends. After all, there is nothing wrong with being coherent when it comes to social media. Be careful though! While some of those trends are quite helpful, others are just a no-no. Here’s the gist:

Hot Social Media Marketing Trends Not To Miss

Following trends is probably the most normal approach to anything social media related. As such, it does make sense to turn to trends when it comes to creating an effective and powerful social media marketing strategy. Here are 5 trends that most experts agree are something to look out for:

  1. Experiment with alternative platforms. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to use when you want to advertise your business or brand. However, it seems like people are getting a bit bored with the same old – same old format. New user interfaces can attract more views when it comes to ads.

  2. Tell your story! Posting stories is a great way to get people to take a glimpse at what you have to offer in a more authentic and in-the-moment manner.

  3. Value quality over quantity! Most people will appreciate and engage more when on a smaller community. Therefore, if you are looking to advertise, keep your target group in mind and find the right people to engage with.

  4. Keep your head on the game! If you want your marketing strategy to work, you have to be consistent and professional. Follow up on your posts and monitor their engagement. Keep track of the data that is available to you, so you know what works and what does not.

  5. Play it don’t just say it! It seems like videos are a better approach than anything else, when it comes to social media. People like to see how things are done, rather than be told what to do.

Social Media Marketing Trends To Steer Clear Of

Social media is an ever-changing game. What worked last year might not be appealing anymore. You have to be up-to-date with what is going on because an outdated marketing campaign can really hurt your brand or business. In fact, here are 5 trends to avoid:

  1. Don’t be a salesperson! People like to be shown things organically without being harassed by messages on their inbox as soon as they hit a “like”. While pitching a message might have been the go-to tactic in the past, it just won’t cut it anymore.

  2. Do not repeat yourself! Nowadays, most social media platforms are connected with one another. So there is no need to be redundant by sharing the same post everywhere. Also, repeating a post on different occasions will just show your followers that you have no new content, thus seeming deceitful and boring.

  3. Do not overshare! Social media is intended for short interactions that allow people to engage and connect easily. Therefore, keep your posts short and to the point. Most people do not have time to go through lines and lines of posts. If they did, they would be reading a proper book instead of scrolling through their feed.

  4. Limit your links! We get it, you have worked really hard on creating a website and you want everyone to see it. However, you cannot force people to visit your page. It will come naturally as long as your post is entertaining. So, avoid posting links everywhere as people will just think it is spam.

  5. Don’t just post for the sake of posting! Yes, you have to be consistent. But make sure you are posting relevant content. A single bad post can really hurt your brand or business. Therefore, you are allowed to take a day off, from time to time, as long as your posts are always of quality.

That it is for now! However, as we said earlier, social media is always evolving. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open for what will come next!


Have you ever noticed that Instagram promotions are very similar to the content on your feed? You can be scrolling through Instagram and find yourself liking a promotional advert post without even realising it is not someone that you follow.

Instagram receives a lot of information by what you search there, the trends that you follow, and the posts that you like, and tailors their promotional content to you very well, in addition to what Facebook does with your searching information. Bear in mind that Instagram and WhatsApp are owned directly by Facebook and all the information from whatever you type into these services will be used to market to you.

Facebook’s own advertising works slightly differently to this, they advertise at the side of your screen, with text and words and they tailor it to you by the things which you buy online. It is well known that Facebook uses your browser cookies to advertise to you related to your searches. Facebook even tracks what you do on your smartphone to help with their advertising, including friends, online searches, location information, music from Spotify, videos from Youtube. It is clear that there is a huge interest in what you do for work and entertainment on your phone and it comes through in the advertisements. You can’t do anything to stop Facebook adverts but you can stop them getting your information by protecting your cookies and location etc.

They had a marketing scheme a while ago to give you free adverts for a new company or business to get thousands more views than you would organically. But who gets your advert through to them? Facebook is the one that decides. There is also a few levels to how far the reach of your advert can go in terms of location and “relevance” of new clients. Facebook is also trying to work as a social media marketplace, where users can even upload old items of clothes for sale, as well as cars and properties.

Twitter works in a unique way, you pay a monthly charge for promotions on all of your personal advertisements. This way, companies advertise to their current followers and then Twitter boosts it up to other relevant followers. For instance, if you follow someone who is seeing an advertisement from a company, if it is promoted, it is more likely that you will see this promotional tweet as well. Twitter says: “Your activity on Twitter, the information you provide to Twitter, and our relationships with ad partners all help make promoted content more relevant for you”. The difference is that on Twitter you can opt out of promoted tweets by clicking “I don’t like this ad” if they don’t resonate with you. Facebook and Instagram don’t offer the same option and will continue regardless.


Social media marketing is one of the most prominent forms of marketing that is out there today. Regardless of what form of social media you are on (i.e Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Instagram, etc.), we are all subjected to some kind of marketing. Through different types of online traffic, almost all social media sites use their ways to create ads and displays that appeal to the viewer. Continue reading


The field of social media marketing is the new form of communication, which has been increasingly used and that deserves more of your attention. The main business benefit is the increase of brand awareness and the construction of the associated community, with minimal investment and a good way to measure the maximum results.

Social Media Marketing expresses the way to interact, to participate, to be at the center of the discussions, all to cultivate and develop trusting relationships with existing or potential clients. The opinions of others, even sometimes critical, help you to outline and accentuate certain approaches. In short, social media promotion involves conversation, connection, community, clients, control, creativity, collaboration and content.

Optimizing the Social Media Presence (SMO) is an opportunity to reach the target audience, to involve and mobilize it. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the social tools that we suggest, for the beginning, because they are the basic ones for users around the world for accelerated growth and that at the same time make it possible to reach your target audience.

Social Media is a form of social interaction in the online environment.

If we were to compare the marketing techniques of Social Media with those of the offline environment, the techniques of Social Media represent an entire industry of techniques aimed to transform a simple visitor into a customer.

The advantages are:

  • Reducing marketing costs;
  • Increase of conversion rates;
  • Increase in brand popularity;
  • Increase traffic;
  • You get a better ranking in the search engine results page;
  • Provides the chance to get to know consumers better and their needs;

Social Media Marketing helps your business receive direct feedback from your customers through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It is a very accessible form of marketing, you can create your community where people express pro and cons opinions about the products or services offered by your company.

What to watch out for when starting a Social Media Marketing campaign?

  • The content must be very qualitative otherwise it can bring you many disadvantages;
  • Patience and time (a campaign requires an online presence permanently);

More details about brand promotion

Social media marketing services will support the increase in the number of followers interested in your products and services. With these tools, you can make sure that those who will follow you fit your selection criteria, when it comes to improving the client portfolio.

Building new customer relationships

Social Media Marketing helps you build a stable connection with your audience, by improving the interaction with the people interested in the brand. Thus, by applying a social media marketing strategy, the interactions with your posts will increase considerably.

Improved traffic

The increase of the traffic to the site directly influences the number of potential customers and implicitly the conversion rate. Through social media marketing, you can focus on creating promotional campaigns, which will result in increasing the volume of traffic that your site is registering.


Yes! The answer to this question is a definite yes. Deals and offers that are genuine and provide the consumer with something additional for their money are always successful. The promotions and offers that are not successful tend to fall down as a result of a few things. Here are some things to avoid when you are developing your own promotional offers to boost sales and customers.

Promotions should give customers something additional. This could be money off, a free item, or the chance to experience, win or own something. Whatever the addition is, it must be perceived as valuable by the customer or they may not take up the offer. Continue reading


Every business wants to know how to increase customers! It is the secret to steady turnover and healthy sales revenue. If there was a certain formula for it we would all be rich. However, there are some tried, tested and highly effective ways of building up the number of people you can call customers. And these same tactics are also very good for SEO so it is a great advantage if you can use them for your business.

As you know, there are millions of people online, 24 hours per day. Even with all these people it can seem almost impossible to attract even one, but the truth is that they are out there and you can attract them to your products and services. Continue reading


Getting to know our customers is the best way to effectively market and sell to them. This is well known in marketing circles. The more you know and understand your customer the easier it is to find them, attract them and engage with them. Google has become a master at helping us do this.

While many people often object to the notion that Google follows our every move online, the fact is that as a marketing device, getting to know your audience is still the key method of successful marketing and consequent sales. Continue reading


LinkedIn is a popular social network for business people and for companies and small businesses. It is now the leading business social network and continues to grow. Using this platform to promote yourself and your business can be extremely effective and recent changes have made it even more powerful as a method of free online marketing.

Although there is a premium version, you can set up your LinkedIn profile for free. The free option still gives you the ability to expand your network and share your talents, abilities and portfolios with the wider business community. Continue reading

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