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The field of social media marketing is the new form of communication, which has been increasingly used and that deserves more of your attention. The main business benefit is the increase of brand awareness and the construction of the associated community, with minimal investment and a good way to measure the maximum results.

Social Media Marketing expresses the way to interact, to participate, to be at the center of the discussions, all to cultivate and develop trusting relationships with existing or potential clients. The opinions of others, even sometimes critical, help you to outline and accentuate certain approaches. In short, social media promotion involves conversation, connection, community, clients, control, creativity, collaboration and content.

Optimizing the Social Media Presence (SMO) is an opportunity to reach the target audience, to involve and mobilize it. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the social tools that we suggest, for the beginning, because they are the basic ones for users around the world for accelerated growth and that at the same time make it possible to reach your target audience.

Social Media is a form of social interaction in the online environment.

If we were to compare the marketing techniques of Social Media with those of the offline environment, the techniques of Social Media represent an entire industry of techniques aimed to transform a simple visitor into a customer.

The advantages are:

  • Reducing marketing costs;
  • Increase of conversion rates;
  • Increase in brand popularity;
  • Increase traffic;
  • You get a better ranking in the search engine results page;
  • Provides the chance to get to know consumers better and their needs;

Social Media Marketing helps your business receive direct feedback from your customers through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It is a very accessible form of marketing, you can create your community where people express pro and cons opinions about the products or services offered by your company.

What to watch out for when starting a Social Media Marketing campaign?

  • The content must be very qualitative otherwise it can bring you many disadvantages;
  • Patience and time (a campaign requires an online presence permanently);

More details about brand promotion

Social media marketing services will support the increase in the number of followers interested in your products and services. With these tools, you can make sure that those who will follow you fit your selection criteria, when it comes to improving the client portfolio.

Building new customer relationships

Social Media Marketing helps you build a stable connection with your audience, by improving the interaction with the people interested in the brand. Thus, by applying a social media marketing strategy, the interactions with your posts will increase considerably.

Improved traffic

The increase of the traffic to the site directly influences the number of potential customers and implicitly the conversion rate. Through social media marketing, you can focus on creating promotional campaigns, which will result in increasing the volume of traffic that your site is registering.


Yes! The answer to this question is a definite yes. Deals and offers that are genuine and provide the consumer with something additional for their money are always successful. The promotions and offers that are not successful tend to fall down as a result of a few things. Here are some things to avoid when you are developing your own promotional offers to boost sales and customers.

Promotions should give customers something additional. This could be money off, a free item, or the chance to experience, win or own something. Whatever the addition is, it must be perceived as valuable by the customer or they may not take up the offer. Continue reading


Every business wants to know how to increase customers! It is the secret to steady turnover and healthy sales revenue. If there was a certain formula for it we would all be rich. However, there are some tried, tested and highly effective ways of building up the number of people you can call customers. And these same tactics are also very good for SEO so it is a great advantage if you can use them for your business.

As you know, there are millions of people online, 24 hours per day. Even with all these people it can seem almost impossible to attract even one, but the truth is that they are out there and you can attract them to your products and services. Continue reading


Getting to know our customers is the best way to effectively market and sell to them. This is well known in marketing circles. The more you know and understand your customer the easier it is to find them, attract them and engage with them. Google has become a master at helping us do this.

While many people often object to the notion that Google follows our every move online, the fact is that as a marketing device, getting to know your audience is still the key method of successful marketing and consequent sales. Continue reading


LinkedIn is a popular social network for business people and for companies and small businesses. It is now the leading business social network and continues to grow. Using this platform to promote yourself and your business can be extremely effective and recent changes have made it even more powerful as a method of free online marketing.

Although there is a premium version, you can set up your LinkedIn profile for free. The free option still gives you the ability to expand your network and share your talents, abilities and portfolios with the wider business community. Continue reading


Marketing on Facebook is known to be extremely successful. In addition to having a healthy FB page and regularly posting, you can create yourself a planned marketing strategy to deliver over a set period of time. This will raise the profile of your Facebook page and your website if you are clever.

Here are some great tips on how to create a good marketing plan for your social media activity on Facebook.

A marketing plan must be well timed, budgeted, and contain activity that creates a range of activities that cover a wide spectrum of media. Doing this for Facebook is not immediately obvious but here are some hints to help you. Continue reading


Although Twitter is extremely popular with the very large brands, we are still hearing clients say they do not see the value of this particular social media platform. We are often asked whether Twitter is as effective for marketing commercial enterprises as we are all led to believe.

Well, you may be surprised by the answer we are about to give, but we think the answer is no. But let us qualify this first, by explaining what Twitter is really good for.

Twitter is an instant messenger of short messages that can be posted and responded to, in real time.

The art of using Twitter well is the art of knowing how to communicate in just a short amount of characters. Hashtags and links need to be used effectively too. Twitter is not a highly image driven site and so it does not lend itself to video, sound or photography, although all of this can be posted and shared on Twitter. Continue reading


Have you tried Vine as a medium for promoting your business? It’s big news online so we thought we would look at it and discuss what we have learned so far.

The video network is attracting large numbers of followers and businesses are starting to take advantage of the audiences they can access. Unlike YouTube, videos are limited to 6 seconds. That is not a long time to catch a viewer’s attention but marketers are getting creative in their approach.

Vine has grown in popularity because it is a predominantly mobile platform. And the majority of users access it via their mobile phones. It is more instantaneous and spontaneous that YouTube and the addition of video make it more visually powerful than Twitter which is why it is connected to Twitter. Continue reading


The internet is a necessity now. Only a tiny percentage of the developed world’s population are still conducting life and business away from the World Wide Web. People understand the potential the internet has created for mass marketing, massive sales and almost instant fame.

So why do some businesses still struggle? That’s a difficult question to answer, and we believe the nature of online commerce means that there will always be competition, and winners and losers. As SEO professionals, we believe that using as many tactics as possible to increase visibility and build a brand, can reduce the chances of failing online, and increase the opportunities for success.

The internet has become a global platform where anyone, anywhere can access any company, almost any person, and find all the information they could ever want on any subject. It has directly influenced our methods and frequency of communicating with people. And it has also changed the way we do business. Continue reading


Have you considered marketing on Facebook? As a business owner, you will already know the value of having a corporate Facebook page, but have you invested in advertising yet? This article discusses why advertising on Facebook is a good idea.

When you are creating a Facebook advert, you are asked to list the subject keywords you believe people will associate with your advert. For example, a fashion retailer could add keywords like designer handbags, or fashion on a budget, or lady’s designer wear, etc.

The keywords are an important part of your advert. They create its online identity and dictate who sees your advert. So, when a Facebook user writes a comment or posts a status, or clicks on another company like yours, Facebook will recognise this activity and your advert will be flagged as one of interest to that person. Facebook’s methods of targeting adverts are extremely clever. Continue reading

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