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iPhone Application

iPhone Application

We understand what makes apps stand out from the crowd. The Apple App store market is growing every day – there are over half a million apps available specifically for iPhone and iPad.

A successful, well-designed app can help engage your audience and grow your business by attracting new customers. Our dedicated development team will work with you to come up with application ideas that will bring real value for your business, as well as standing out in a crowded application marketplace.

Our development team are well versed in the specific requirements of iPhone’s platform development environment. This means that we can deliver bespoke iPhone Applications to meet your business needs.

We also future proof your new applications to ensure they will still work when updates are released, and carry out rigorous checks to ensure that the apps are bug proof.

Our Development Process

Research – we will meet your company to find out as much as we can about your corporate identity, goals and products. We’ll also work with you to understand your audience’s behaviour and what makes them tick.

Your goals – what do you want your app to do? Are you hoping to entertain? Spark a conversation? Create a simple way of buying your products on the move?

Requirements – making sure we understand your creative and functional requirements.

Planning – we’ll agree timelines and budgets, and create a project plan to cover your requirements.

Design – we’ll come up with several creatives for you to choose from, and we’ll happily make alterations based on your opinions.

Development – we’ll share multiple design ideas and tweak before beginning programming and building.

Launch – after thorough technical and user acceptance testing, your application is moved into a live environment.

Types Of Application

All our applications are designed to help you get more from your business, whether by making it easy for your customers to buy a product or engage with your brand, or to spread the word about you on social networking sites. We use the latest technology to deliver visually attractive, robust and powerful apps, from games to financial tools. Here are some types of app:

  • Social networking

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • Lifestyle

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Games

  • News

  • Travel

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