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Graphic Design

Graphic & Web Designing Services

Effective graphic design is vital to creating a positive visual identity for your company. In addition to your logo, signature fonts and colours, graphic design can help identify your brand, creating a consistent image that makes an impact.

Graphic design includes everything from choice of colours, images, page layout, content structure, buttons and other graphics. Good graphic design will complement your key messages and important content, and is eye-catching without being distracting.

At Cartoozo we offer a large selection of graphic & web designing services from ad creative to emails and websites. Our dedicated team are experts in brand identity and will work tirelessly to ensure that you have a product you are happy with.

What Makes Effective Graphic Design?

Graphic design should complement the visual identity of your brand. This means any colours, fonts, logos and images should adhere to your brand guidelines – particularly in the case of signature colours.

Effective web designing has to be simple, striking and versatile. It should not distract the user from the content, but act as an aid to help signpost important messages and calls to action. Design that includes too much movement (flashing buttons, for example) creates a bad impression and will detract from the content.

This can be achieved by the way in which various visual elements are arranged on the page. ‘The golden quarter’, for example, on the top right hand side of a page is where people tend to look first. Good design involves placing important content in this position, and highlighting it visually.

If the design has a message to convey in its own right (as in the logo), it should create an instant impact and remind the viewer of your company’s values and core vision.

Our Graphic & Web Designing Services

Advert creative - we provide creative for ad campaigns of every type, specialising in targeted adverts. It you wish, we will supply alternative options in addition to the main creative design, so you can test which creative is most effective at driving traffic to your website or increasing conversions.

Logo design – your logo is a vital part of your company’s visual identity. We create memorable, versatile logos that are consistent with your brand image.

Website design – we cover every aspect of graphic design for web, creating eye-catching page layouts that complement the content.

Email design – we provide graphic design and creative services to create vibrant engaging emails as part of your communications strategy.

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