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Database Development And Integration

Database Development And Integration

Our development team at Cartoozo has been creating custom databases for over 10 years. We provide web consultancy to help evaluate the needs of your business and create highly customised, unique database applications tailored to you.

Our services include programming, integration and web database development, all designed to help you manage clean data, enhance your reporting systems, and create a comprehensive database solution by integrating your other database products with new platforms.

Each website database development and integration solution is designed specifically for you, helping you get the most out of your valuable data.

Database Design And Development

Before design work can begin, we undertake an evaluation of your current databases and gather as much information as possible about your working practices. Our experienced team will work with you at every stage of the process, to consider:

  • Software design – including database design and user interface design;

  • Business rules – to specify how your database should operate;

  • Test plans – for troubleshooting and to ensure the finished product is reliable;

  • Implementation and training – ensuring your staff are comfortable using the product;

  • Deployment plans – for regular maintenance;

  • Data encryption – to protect your customers’ privacy.

At Cartoozo our experienced team use the latest development technologies, including C#, ASP.NET, and VB.NET to deliver a high quality product that can be upgraded and extended as your business grows.

We can also offer database development specifically for your website, improving the user experience by providing targeted information depending on the audience. Our web databases are highly customisable but usually offer the following components:

  • Unique database development

  • Custom CMS software and admin control panel

  • Full source code

  • ASP.Net and Microsoft.Net technology.

Web Database Integration

Your business data is extremely valuable and can take a long time to accumulate. Database integration allows you to manage this information and get the most from what you’ve learned about your customers, clients and supporters by linking your existing databases. As a result, you can see all your information in one place.

At Cartoozo our experienced database integration team can integrate all kinds of database software. We’ll help you define what you hope to achieve from database integration and build a custom software solution to create links between your existing information platforms.

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