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Website Technical Audit

Website SEO Technical Audit

SEO website audit is an invaluable measuring device to gauge how well your website is performing. Over time, websites can build up a backlog of broken or irrelevant links and out-of-date content. Surplus content of this kind can slow your site down, and be frustrating for your users.

At Cartoozo, we undertake thorough website SEO audits to examine every aspect of your site’s performance, from site speed, keyword density and metadata, to conversion and bounce rates, traffic quality and analytics.

SEO website audit can help identify flaws and strengths in your website and online presence, and is the first step to creating a high quality online brand with consistency of message and image.

What Are The Benefits Of A Website SEO Audit/Techinical?

SEO website audit should address every aspect of your online presence with the aim of making it perform as well as possible. A typical audit will usually cover:

SEO techniques


  • Ensuring your site meets accessibility guidelines

  • Clear user journey including relevant content

  • Clearly signposted CTAs

  • Site speed

Visibility and tracking

  • Bounce rates, conversion rates, traffic analysis

  • Tracking of external links, downloadable materials and communications

How We Can Help?

Comprehensive reporting – based on the SEO website audit we can offer a thorough report on each of the issues mentioned above, with a systematic plan of action to tackle each one.

Website structure – we can help plan and implement a simple structure that will improve your user journey and ensure your site is properly indexed in search engines.

Best practice guidelines – we can provide guidance on every aspect of content creation, from title text, link text to effective calls to action.

Content positioning – we offer multivariate testing to establish the best position for the various elements of your content on each page. By moving around individual elements, such as graphics, buttons, CTAs, banner ads and body copy, we can establish which combination creates the highest conversion rate for your site.

Site speed – we will examine options for increasing decreasing load times for your site, decreasing drop-off rates.

Google Analytics – we can add GA tags to each page of your site, tracking downloadable materials, calls to action and referrers to help you understand where your site is performing well and what can be improved.

Website & SEO Audit Terms

Below we have listed some crucial search engine optimization (SEO) Audit terms that you should be aware of:

Metrics we use