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Distributed Application

Distributed Application

Distributed application is software that can be used across multiple computers within a network. It’s a great solution for allowing multiple users to have access to valuable software. Distributed application also offers the opportunity to introduce new software in individual components, rather than all at once. This means that development can happen in stages, with each new stage adding value to the software as a whole, and delivering instant improvements with each stage.

At Cartoozo, we understand every business is unique, which is why we work closely with your company to ensure we understand your business requirements and can deliver the best possible solution for your needs. We have over 10 years’ experience in software development, so whatever your requirements, we’re bound to have a solution that will suit you.

Types Of Distributed Application

The advantages are distributed application are that development happens concurrently, rather than a step at a time. This sort of development allows for continuous delivery of staged results, which are of value by themselves as well as being part of a larger solution.

Our team can create any sort of distributed application, whether for general use or highly specialised purposes. Here are some examples of distributed systems we can create:

Data input systems – programmes that allow real time data-input, such as HelpDesk software or appointment schedulers.

Component development – design and implementation of independent components designed for processing a specific task while also operating with others via a network.

Computation farms – complex data processing, capable of undertaking complex calculations on large data sets.

Why Cartoozo?

Our dedicated team are experts in all aspects of software development. Our developers represent some of the leaders in this field and have a wealth of experience to draw on.

Low costs – we do everything we can to minimise costs while still delivering a quality product. We always declare our costs upfront, so you’ll never be taken by surprise.

We deliver on time, every time – we understand how important it is to deliver our products on time. Our solutions are designed to drive your business forward, not hold it up, so we never miss a deadline.

Research – we will always work closely with your company to ensure we understand your business requirements and create a custom solution tailored to you.

Industry expertise – our dedicated team follow best practice procedures at all times, ensuring efficient delivery. We also use cutting-edge technology to deliver advanced solutions.

We also offer website development, e-commerce solutions and mobile application solutions.

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