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Article Submission

Article submission is a tried-and-tested means of improving your website’s findability and boosting your page rankings.

The idea is simple – a company writes articles relating to their business or industry and submits them to various online directories. Article submission enables you to demonstrate a knowledge and engagement with your industry that boosts your company’s credibility.

Besides this, posting a well-written article that adheres to good SEO practice in several locations will promote your website to a wider audience, and increase backlinks to your site, helping to drive traffic.

At Cartoozo we have a team of specialist copywriters and experts in SEO and article submission that can create well-written articles for you. We’ll even post them too.

The Advantages Of Article Submission In Marketing

Build a reputation within your industry – well informed articles on topics relevant to your business or products show that you are constantly researching your field and contributing to industry knowledge. Article submission helps establish your company as a key player in your industry.

Spread the word – the more articles you submit, and the more platforms you use, the more visible your company is to the public.

Drive traffic – people who find and read your articles and decide to follow a link back to your website have engaged with your brand and are more likely to convert.

Discover what your audience are interested in – through monitoring the readership or your articles, you can discover which topics are most effective at driving traffic back to your website, and maximise this sort of content.

How We Can Help

The team at Cartoozo will be there every step of the way, from account set-up and verification to copywriting and article submission.

Expert copywriting services – our team of copywriters can write quality articles to answer any brief. We’ll optimise them for web too with relevant keywords, succinct description text and clearly signposted calls to action to make sure they achieve high page ranking.

Audience research – we’ll work with you to identify your target audience, and plan articles based on that audience’s interests and needs.

Article submission to directories – we’ll submit your articles to trusted, carefully selected directories with high page ranking to make sure they are found by your target audience.

Reporting and tracking – we’ll supply a comprehensive report of articles submitted and the directories they appear in, to help you keep track of your content.

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