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ASP.Net Application

ASP.Net Application

ASP.Net is Microsoft’s popular development technology. Its flexibility makes it a great tool for website and software development, and as it’s fully integrated with Microsoft systems, there’s a great technical support system behind it too.

At Cartoozo we have over 10 years’ experience of developing software solutions using ASP.Net. It’s our aim to use this experience to provide uniquely tailored solutions that help you get the best out of your business. Our services cover everything from bespoke ASP.Net application development, to enhancements, testing, maintenance and consultancy.

We work closely with your company to understand your unique business needs and deliver a reliable product that will last for years. Whatever your requirements, we can find a solution.

Our ASP.Net Application Services

Our services include:

  • ASP.NET System & Application development

  • Technology upgrade

  • Software component development

  • ASP.Net web application development

  • Consultancy – practical help in managing and implementing your software

  • Application Migration

  • Architecture and design evaluation

  • ASP.Net Client-server development

  • Content Management Systems and back-end solutions

Our team of developers adhere to best practice guidelines and use the latest technology to ensure we deliver a product that’s both cutting-edge and reliable.

We also offer software solutions using XML, Oracle and PHP. Find out about our other software development solutions.

Why Use ASP.Net Application?

ASP.Net is a popular web framework platform which is fully supported by Microsoft and Windows servers and tools. Some of the advantages of ASP.Net include:

Language compatibility – ASP.Net allows developers to write in multiple programming languages.

Object Oriented Programming (OOO) – OOO makes it possible to build large web applications without sacrificing clean coding, by separating code from display.

Swift execution – web applications execute more quickly than interpreted scripts.

Familiar controls – the server controls on a web page look and feel like the controls on Windows applications, creating a familiar working environment. It’s possible to create new controls too.

Web services feature – the web services feature with ASP.Net means that you can split several parts of an application across different servers, and the entire application will still work as a whole.

Support – web services build with automatically support XML and CSS, plus SOAP, HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST protocols.

Visual Studio – Microsoft’s visual studio is an excellent tool for creating high quality applications and is only available with ASP.Net.

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