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If you ever have an SEO company tell you that SEO is all about getting to the top of a Google search page, run away, quickly!

SEO is not about conquering Google, it is about targeting customers. Too many businesses struggle to impellent effective SEO because they have not grasped this concept. And we’re not surprised. There is huge debate online on whether SEO is about search engines or customers. Our vote goes to the latter, and here’s why.

SEO has the potential to make sure your website is seen by the right people. It is also the best way to direct people back to your website. Once on your website, SEO methods will help you to keep them there, and encourage them to return. In addition SEO will help you to create opportunities to turn leads in to customers and customers in to advocates. Continue reading


Have you tried Vine as a medium for promoting your business? It’s big news online so we thought we would look at it and discuss what we have learned so far.

The video network is attracting large numbers of followers and businesses are starting to take advantage of the audiences they can access. Unlike YouTube, videos are limited to 6 seconds. That is not a long time to catch a viewer’s attention but marketers are getting creative in their approach.

Vine has grown in popularity because it is a predominantly mobile platform. And the majority of users access it via their mobile phones. It is more instantaneous and spontaneous that YouTube and the addition of video make it more visually powerful than Twitter which is why it is connected to Twitter. Continue reading


The internet is a necessity now. Only a tiny percentage of the developed world’s population are still conducting life and business away from the World Wide Web. People understand the potential the internet has created for mass marketing, massive sales and almost instant fame.

So why do some businesses still struggle? That’s a difficult question to answer, and we believe the nature of online commerce means that there will always be competition, and winners and losers. As SEO professionals, we believe that using as many tactics as possible to increase visibility and build a brand, can reduce the chances of failing online, and increase the opportunities for success.

The internet has become a global platform where anyone, anywhere can access any company, almost any person, and find all the information they could ever want on any subject. It has directly influenced our methods and frequency of communicating with people. And it has also changed the way we do business. Continue reading


Have you considered marketing on Facebook? As a business owner, you will already know the value of having a corporate Facebook page, but have you invested in advertising yet? This article discusses why advertising on Facebook is a good idea.

When you are creating a Facebook advert, you are asked to list the subject keywords you believe people will associate with your advert. For example, a fashion retailer could add keywords like designer handbags, or fashion on a budget, or lady’s designer wear, etc.

The keywords are an important part of your advert. They create its online identity and dictate who sees your advert. So, when a Facebook user writes a comment or posts a status, or clicks on another company like yours, Facebook will recognise this activity and your advert will be flagged as one of interest to that person. Facebook’s methods of targeting adverts are extremely clever. Continue reading


When you are planning your corporate communications, do you consider their over-all impact on the brand? Developing strategic communications can help you tie various different activities together so they are all working in harmony for the benefit of your business.

First, let’s look at the three key communication tactics which are all delivered online today:

Above the line communications – These are communications broadcast or disseminated to a large group of people, the masses. It is not as targeted and tends to rely upon large scale forms of communication. SEO is an example of this type of communication, keywords, banner advertising or article marketing, for example. Continue reading


There has been a lot of discussion at Cartoozo HQ recently. The discussions have centred on the best ways to keep your visitors returning to your website. After a great brainstorming session, we’ve come up with a few ideas we thought it would be good to share.

As you will know, the whole aim of SEO is to increase visibility amongst target groups of potential customers. But search engines are not just looking for the right keywords and indexing on websites. Today, they are also looking for natural traffic. That’s not just hits on the main homepage. You want users looking at a number of pages. It is also about the length of stay on a website and the level of interaction a user has with a website.

So how this be achieved? It’s a well-known fact that a website owner has seconds to attract a visitor before losing them again. Keeping visitors for longer periods and encouraging them to return involves a different set of tactics.

Here are some simple ones you can do yourself: Continue reading


Today, we thought it would be good to debate the pros and cons of having a blog on your website. We have noticed that a huge number of companies now have a blog on their page. Do blogs really work? Are customers reading the blogs or are they a waste of time, resources and space?

We have had clients who believe their blogs are a waste and that there is little point in having a blog. In our experience we would have to say that blogs are an excellent device for regular sharing of valuable content. The problem with many blogs is that they do not share valuable content and often they are populated by uninteresting articles that do little for the company or the brand.

As a way of helping you to improve your blog and the number of followers it has, here are some simple tips which take you back to the basics of blog writing.

Blogs should have a theme. The theme of your blog is not what it is called, and it is not the same as the theme or brand of your company. Your blog should add something new to the information already on your website, it should not duplicate it. Continue reading


As we enter 2014, we thought we would flag up some developments that can be expected on social media. The two key platforms we’re going to mention are Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter has grown even more in the last year. Twitter improved its mobile user interface and made things much slicker via a mobile device. User figures on the platform have grown too. And as expected, we witnessed the advent of the Twitter adverts. The news online is that we can expect more Twitter adverts in the coming year. Now that Twitter has a whole host of shareholders to satisfy, there is little doubt that it will be increasing its opportunities to generate revenue from advertising.

Much the same can be said for Facebook. However, we are already used to the targeted FB adverts that appear on our home pages, and within our newsfeeds. The newest marketing development on FB will be the advent of video advertising.  No doubt this will be very well used by the big brands who already budget for video and television adverts. However, we predict video ads could present opportunities for smaller companies to get noticed by huge numbers of people. We have heard that the prices for video advertising will be set so that companies of all sizes could potentially take advantage. Let’s see what happens. Continue reading


This is a question we are often asked! And the honest answer is – it depends. It’s not possible to say exactly how much a good SEO service will cost. It will depend upon your needs, your budget and your corporate aspirations. Pay per click campaigns and other forms of internet advertising can cost as much as a company will want to spend.

However, as a guide, we thought we would share some of the ways SEO services can be paid for. This will help you decide which method will suit your needs best. Continue reading


Google has done it again! For our Christmas blog post, we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about Google ‘Easter-eggs’ and Google ‘doodles’. They are a firm favourite amongst internet users, and they have become part of our culture. We believe in coming centuries, people will look back on all the Easter-eggs and Google doodles, and see a real picture of what life was like in the 21st century!

This Christmas, Google has created a carolling app as its festive Easter-egg. Using your mobile browser, simply search for, let’s go carolling. You will then see a menu from which you can choose one of five popular Christmas carols that you can sing along to.

The carols include world-wide favourites like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Deck the Halls’. And just for added fun, once you have chosen your carol, the cursor will bounce along with the lyrics in time to the tune, just like a little miniature karaoke machine! It works on all mobile browsers, not just Android, so the majority of us can try it out and enjoy a little festive musical cheer.

Why do we mention this? Well, in addition to it being the perfect seasonal subject for our blog, we also think it’s worth pointing out how effective Google are at encouraging us to click on links, visit other areas of their site, and generally encouraging us to buy in to the whole Google brand. Continue reading

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