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Social Media Marketing Trends: What’s hot and what’s not

by admin | in Social Media

Social media marketing is an exciting strategy that allows you to work while playing. What that means is, you can be on your favorite social media platform, putting all your social skills to good use, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your business.

Social media marketing is a great tool that allows you to reach new customers and build up your brand recognition. For some, it requires years of practice and attention. Others choose to develop their strategy by following several trends. After all, there is nothing wrong with being coherent when it comes to social media. Be careful though! While some of those trends are quite helpful, others are just a no-no. Here’s the gist:

Hot Social Media Marketing Trends Not To Miss

Following trends is probably the most normal approach to anything social media related. As such, it does make sense to turn to trends when it comes to creating an effective and powerful social media marketing strategy. Here are 5 trends that most experts agree are something to look out for:

  1. Experiment with alternative platforms. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to use when you want to advertise your business or brand. However, it seems like people are getting a bit bored with the same old – same old format. New user interfaces can attract more views when it comes to ads.

  2. Tell your story! Posting stories is a great way to get people to take a glimpse at what you have to offer in a more authentic and in-the-moment manner.

  3. Value quality over quantity! Most people will appreciate and engage more when on a smaller community. Therefore, if you are looking to advertise, keep your target group in mind and find the right people to engage with.

  4. Keep your head on the game! If you want your marketing strategy to work, you have to be consistent and professional. Follow up on your posts and monitor their engagement. Keep track of the data that is available to you, so you know what works and what does not.

  5. Play it don’t just say it! It seems like videos are a better approach than anything else, when it comes to social media. People like to see how things are done, rather than be told what to do.

Social Media Marketing Trends To Steer Clear Of

Social media is an ever-changing game. What worked last year might not be appealing anymore. You have to be up-to-date with what is going on because an outdated marketing campaign can really hurt your brand or business. In fact, here are 5 trends to avoid:

  1. Don’t be a salesperson! People like to be shown things organically without being harassed by messages on their inbox as soon as they hit a “like”. While pitching a message might have been the go-to tactic in the past, it just won’t cut it anymore.

  2. Do not repeat yourself! Nowadays, most social media platforms are connected with one another. So there is no need to be redundant by sharing the same post everywhere. Also, repeating a post on different occasions will just show your followers that you have no new content, thus seeming deceitful and boring.

  3. Do not overshare! Social media is intended for short interactions that allow people to engage and connect easily. Therefore, keep your posts short and to the point. Most people do not have time to go through lines and lines of posts. If they did, they would be reading a proper book instead of scrolling through their feed.

  4. Limit your links! We get it, you have worked really hard on creating a website and you want everyone to see it. However, you cannot force people to visit your page. It will come naturally as long as your post is entertaining. So, avoid posting links everywhere as people will just think it is spam.

  5. Don’t just post for the sake of posting! Yes, you have to be consistent. But make sure you are posting relevant content. A single bad post can really hurt your brand or business. Therefore, you are allowed to take a day off, from time to time, as long as your posts are always of quality.

That it is for now! However, as we said earlier, social media is always evolving. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open for what will come next!

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