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Is it worth using Vine to get your 6 seconds of marketing fame?

by admin | in Content Creation , Internet Marketing , Internet promotions , SEO , Social Media , Vine

Have you tried Vine as a medium for promoting your business? It’s big news online so we thought we would look at it and discuss what we have learned so far.

The video network is attracting large numbers of followers and businesses are starting to take advantage of the audiences they can access. Unlike YouTube, videos are limited to 6 seconds. That is not a long time to catch a viewer’s attention but marketers are getting creative in their approach.

Vine has grown in popularity because it is a predominantly mobile platform. And the majority of users access it via their mobile phones. It is more instantaneous and spontaneous that YouTube and the addition of video make it more visually powerful than Twitter which is why it is connected to Twitter.

Where YouTube followers are demanding well-made videos that are produced and edited, Vine users are more forgiving of their 6 second video-bites. The medium is so instant it is growing as a method of instant, immediate and almost live access to celebrities, and brands.

We think now is the time to experiment and try different ways of using Vine for your business if the platform is right for your business. It’s too soon to suggest there are hard and fast rules on how to master successful marketing on Vine, although there are already many blog articles claiming to.

However, there are some aspects that will help you decide if this medium is for you. Most corporate or promotional Vine videos are not highly produced adverts so it is a cheap option for you. They are quick shots with a punch line or strapline so great for showing off specific products. We’re not convinced that services will be able to utilize it effectively. Vine has a very young audience so if the 13 – 21 market is not your demographic don’t waste your energy and resources.

Like any of the other social media networks, you will need to decide whether Vine is right for your brand. Because it is still growing we do think it is worth keeping an eye on. And we will be watching how others use it for marketing. If your business is targeting teenagers and young adults, Vine is for you, there is no doubt about it. But if you have an older audience with more disposable income of their own, this may not be the best option, not in marketing terms.



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