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How much does good SEO really cost?

by admin | in Content Marketing , Internet Marketing , Internet promotions , SEO

This is a question we are often asked! And the honest answer is – it depends. It’s not possible to say exactly how much a good SEO service will cost. It will depend upon your needs, your budget and your corporate aspirations. Pay per click campaigns and other forms of internet advertising can cost as much as a company will want to spend.

However, as a guide, we thought we would share some of the ways SEO services can be paid for. This will help you decide which method will suit your needs best.

Monthly contracts: This is one of the most popular options. A company will agree a set of tactics which will be delivered over a period of time, and they will pay a certain amount each month for the delivery of those services. This is also the option which yields the best return on investment for companies, in terms of value for money and SEO results. Services that can be delivered long term include content creation, article and PR services, Website content and blogs, keyword work, PPC and website optimisation.

Contract for SEO: You could also choose a fixed contract. This is where a range of tactics are agreed and you pay for them at once. Sometimes companies use this for one-off SEO projects or specific seasonal or special campaigns. This is also usually what is done for full website audits and re-vamps, or for website rebuilds. These contracts can also be project based specifically with the clients’ needs in mind. Rather than using a standard contract, you can work with the team to develop a bespoke package that suits your need precisely.

Different SEO services will be charged at different rates. The best plan is to identify your own needs and budget, and then talk to the team to establish exactly what can be achieved within that budget.

Try to allocate a portion of you budget to all the main areas of SEO, like keyword research, PPC and article and PR marketing. If you have not refreshed your website content for some time, we would also advice you invest in that first to ensure the content and the entire site is fully optimised.

If you are not sure, ask questions. Your team will be more than happy to guide you and advise you on the tactics that will give you the best ROI.

Remember SEO is not a quick fix, but it is a great investment and will give you a return over time.

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