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Category Archives: Content Creation


There has been a lot of discussion at Cartoozo HQ recently. The discussions have centred on the best ways to keep your visitors returning to your website. After a great brainstorming session, we’ve come up with a few ideas we thought it would be good to share.

As you will know, the whole aim of SEO is to increase visibility amongst target groups of potential customers. But search engines are not just looking for the right keywords and indexing on websites. Today, they are also looking for natural traffic. That’s not just hits on the main homepage. You want users looking at a number of pages. It is also about the length of stay on a website and the level of interaction a user has with a website.

So how this be achieved? It’s a well-known fact that a website owner has seconds to attract a visitor before losing them again. Keeping visitors for longer periods and encouraging them to return involves a different set of tactics.

Here are some simple ones you can do yourself: Continue reading


Today, we thought it would be good to debate the pros and cons of having a blog on your website. We have noticed that a huge number of companies now have a blog on their page. Do blogs really work? Are customers reading the blogs or are they a waste of time, resources and space?

We have had clients who believe their blogs are a waste and that there is little point in having a blog. In our experience we would have to say that blogs are an excellent device for regular sharing of valuable content. The problem with many blogs is that they do not share valuable content and often they are populated by uninteresting articles that do little for the company or the brand.

As a way of helping you to improve your blog and the number of followers it has, here are some simple tips which take you back to the basics of blog writing.

Blogs should have a theme. The theme of your blog is not what it is called, and it is not the same as the theme or brand of your company. Your blog should add something new to the information already on your website, it should not duplicate it. Continue reading


Many companies fail to see real results from their SEO tactics because they do not pay attention to the user experience, or to their content. SEO is a way of increasing a website’s exposure online. It is how businesses promote themselves and increase their rankings on search engines.

However, attracting more people to your website does not necessarily mean they will hang around and buy what you are selling. To turn new visitors into qualified leads, and then into customers, you need to have excellent content. If your content is not up to scratch you will have a high bounce rate and loose the people your SEO attracts.

Have a long, honest look at your website, and ask some valued colleagues or friends to take a look at it too. Is it easy to read? When a brand new visitor arrives on your homepage, they should be able to see the name of your company and what you are selling within seconds. The page should load up quickly and it should be designed with colours and layout that are attractive to your main customer base. Does your website do these things? Continue reading


Search engines are the interfaces we use in order to find websites and information on the internet. The World Wide Web is huge now, bigger than can easily be comprehended, and that’s a lot of information. Without search engines we would find it almost impossible to quickly and easily navigate through all that data!

A search engine will respond to your search enquiry with results that best meet your needs, or answer your question. This is where SEO comes in. Whether it is for commercial reasons, or for social reasons, all website owners want people to find their site, and see their content. Search Engine Optimisation is how we boost our rankings and increase the visibility of a website.

As 2014 approaches, we thought it would be a good time to recap and consider what the search engines are looking for. Use this list to help you develop your activities for the coming year. Continue reading


Google has done it again! For our Christmas blog post, we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about Google ‘Easter-eggs’ and Google ‘doodles’. They are a firm favourite amongst internet users, and they have become part of our culture. We believe in coming centuries, people will look back on all the Easter-eggs and Google doodles, and see a real picture of what life was like in the 21st century!

This Christmas, Google has created a carolling app as its festive Easter-egg. Using your mobile browser, simply search for, let’s go carolling. You will then see a menu from which you can choose one of five popular Christmas carols that you can sing along to.

The carols include world-wide favourites like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Deck the Halls’. And just for added fun, once you have chosen your carol, the cursor will bounce along with the lyrics in time to the tune, just like a little miniature karaoke machine! It works on all mobile browsers, not just Android, so the majority of us can try it out and enjoy a little festive musical cheer.

Why do we mention this? Well, in addition to it being the perfect seasonal subject for our blog, we also think it’s worth pointing out how effective Google are at encouraging us to click on links, visit other areas of their site, and generally encouraging us to buy in to the whole Google brand. Continue reading


We noticed quite a lot of debate amongst the leading SEO blogs recently. The subject of the debate is this – Do Facebook likes and shares have an effect on SEO? Some bloggers are saying no, others are saying yes.

Let’s have a look at it. Does Facebook activity have any effect on Google rankings?

A recent study published online seems to indicate that Facebook does not have a direct effect on rankings. The article points out that the number of Facebook likes a page has, will have no direct influence on rankings. Likewise, it states that FB users who share posts are not boosting rankings for the page owner either.

While these facts are true and cannot be disputed, we believe the article misses an important point – although Facebook activity may not directly affect rankings on Google, as a way of gathering a larger following, increasing reach, and inviting traffic to your website, it is huge! Continue reading


If you have a blog, you will already know what a powerful tool it is for sharing content and attracting a wider audience. From an SEO point of view, we have already mentioned how a blog is a great way of creating natural activity on your website, and of engaging your customer.

There a so many SEO benefits to be gained from a blog we thought we should do a quick list of them. You may be aware of some of these, but we think there will be a few on this list which may pleasantly surprise you too. Continue reading


Have you tried Pinterest yet? It is currently the fastest growing social media platform, especially amongst the female population. So if your business brand is of a predominantly female audience, you should seriously consider putting yourself onto Pinterest. The latest statistics suggest that nearly 60% of users on Pinterest are women.

There’s more. The women tend to be either high earners or stay and home mothers with a healthy disposable income. They are shopping influencers and therefore they are a marketer’s dream! No doubt you have read it is where all the ‘DIY and crafty Moms’ or the ‘brides-to-be’ gather. This may be one aspect of their demographic, but so is their love of high-end designer fashion, home décor, interiors, travel and all sorts of luxury household items. If you want to influence the most influential buyer in the home, then you need to get on to Pinterest. Continue reading


After last weeks blog on Using YouTube for marketing, we were asked how video can be used to boost SEO. This article shares some good tips.

There is no doubt that YouTube is an amazing platform. It allows us to share videos with a massive global audience, for free! It gives every content creator another opportunity to share their message and promote their brand.

It really is the best site in the world to find the most amusing and popular video content and now it is being widely used by brands and businesses as a platform to showcase products and services. If you have a business, you could use YouTube to increase your brand recognition and boost your visibility amongst your target audience.

But there’s another reason why YouTube is important to the website owner. It helps boost SEO too. In addition to posting video footage and sharing it with viewers, we recommend you make YouTube a significant part of your internet marketing plan, and an important element of your content plan. Continue reading


The New Year is not far away and for many businesses the planning for the coming year has been done, and everything is ready for a fresh start after the festive season. On the other hand, maybe you are still working on your plan for next year?

Either way, here are some great tips that may help you to have even better results with your SEO next year.

Work with the best people – This may sound obvious but it is a key aspect to successful SEO. Unfortunately too many businesses choose less than reputable companies and then have to suffer from a lack of return on investment. Be wary of companies who promise you guaranteed results. It is not how genuine SEO teams work. They will look at each client case individually and make professional estimates on what could be achieved. Continue reading

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