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Improve your bounce rate

by admin | in Bounce rates , Internet Marketing , Marketing , SEO

Does your website suffer from a high bounce rate?

A bounce rate reflects how quickly your visitors leave your site after arriving at it. So the less time they spend on your website, the higher your bounce rate will be.

The rate, as a measurement, is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after seeing only one page.

So for example, if you have an 80% bounce rate, then 80% of the visitors to your site leave after seeing only one page. For most website owners, this one page is normally the homepage or landing page since this is usually the link that is shared most often. Do you know what your bounce rate is? To find out your bounce rate, log in to Google Analytics and check.

Here are some tips to help you improve your rate.

Be clear about who and what you are – visitors who are not able to establish exactly what your website is about and what your company does, within the first ten to fifteen seconds, are very likely to leave. The leading description of your company should be just under the company name, it should also be clear about what you are selling. A brief description that can be easily and quickly read is also helpful at the top of the page. Make it obvious. The design of your website is important too, this lead information should be clearly seen and in an easy to read font.

Be kind to your visitors – Pages that bombard the visitor with adverts, garish colours, and unsightly design will leave very quickly. Avoid flashing adverts, boxes, and stylised hard to read fonts. Stay away from clashing or neon colours. The days of neon colours to make things stand out are long gone! Modern retailers don’t use hand written neon cardboard flashes anymore, so don’t use them on your website. It’s not cool and will put visitors off.  Keep things as simple, professionally designed, and as attractive as possible.

Improve page loading times – If your website is chock full of high res images, lengthy HD video, flash animation, and sound, it will take forever to load. If you want an example of this, try loading some of the websites that belong to the high-end luxury brands from the fashion industry. Some of them take such a long time to load, they are off-putting. By keeping your landing page simple, clear, and deigned with a clean contemporary feel, you will have a much better chance of keeping visitors for longer. And the quicker your page loads, the faster you will be able to attract them with what you have to say. Don’t give them any time to wait around and change their minds.

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