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Making the most of LinkedIn’s latest developments

by admin | in Content Creation , LinkedIn , Reputation management , SEO

LinkedIn has changed a lot recently. We thought it was worth sharing some tactics you can use to give your profile a boost on the site, and influence SEO. Making the most of LinkedIn will be good for your business, career, and your rankings.

Use Pulse to follow the right people and influencers – in addition to accessing the latest news and information in your industry, following the right people and influencers on LinkedIn is another way to be seen in the right crowd. The influencers you follow will appear on your profile letting potential connections see your interests, passions, and motivations. You immediately look proactive and interested in what is going on in your world. Valid and intelligent comments have often turned into new connections and business opportunities on LinkedIn. The site has over 500 influencers to choose from and learn from so there is someone there for every industry.

Share content! LinkedIn lets you share content now and there is no reason that you should be keeping quiet. Recently announced statistics revealed that there are still a large percentage of users who rarely use their accounts and only check them occasionally. LinkedIn is a business network that should be accessed and used regularly.

Keep things professional. LinkedIn is not social media! No jokes, emoticons or memes are required or welcome. For those of you in the creative industry, use high quality images and examples of your work to show what you can do, but don’t diminish your professionalism by making jokes or spamming people with nonsense that should be left to your personal Facebook page. No politics either. It is neither the time nor the place.

Clean out your contact list. Remove any contacts that no longer serve, or that proved to be too pushy on the sales front. You can also block anyone you wish to prevent from seeing your profile for any reason.

Endorse and make recommendations. You will receive them in return. Mutual endorsements do work and when new contacts come along, they are impressive to see on your profile.

The latest news from LinkedIn is that very soon, users will be able to share their blogs too. This is great news and gives you another way to create back-links and expose your work to a huge audience.

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