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Microsoft and Google Marketing

by admin | in Internet Marketing

Microsoft and Google are two very big companies, each have very different ways of conducting business and marketing their products. However, when it comes to marketing strategies and advertising, they are quite similar, but have some differences. Firstly, Microsoft.

Microsoft mainly uses demographic & behavioural segmentation strategies to target its customers. As Microsoft are one of the biggest companies in the world, you would expect them to be smart about the way they approach their marketing. Most of the Microsoft products and software, is based on online technology. Such as Office 365, and services such as Skype and Bing. For example, more than 1 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office, which approximately 1 in 7 people (according to Microsoft) Microsoft also has a huge competitive advantage with its products such as Xbox which is one of the most popular and widely recognised game consoles in the world. Aside from the products, there has also been lots of company buyouts from Microsoft, such as Hotmail, Skype, and Nokia. These are now seen as essentials in the company because they are used worldwide and by almost everyone. These kinds of services provide great accessibility and efficiency for it is users, which is why Microsoft is regarded as one of the best if not the best technology related company in this day and age.

Microsoft is also famous for Windows OS, the most widely used OS in the world. Almost everyone recognises and uses windows computers. This is because they are so distinctive from their functionality and design. Microsoft continues to become more innovative with their technology, the work computers and laptops are almost becoming a standard in most companies because of this. This is another very big selling point for Microsoft. Selling and renting out it is services. Many other companies making their way into different respective businesses, will be using the services that Microsoft offer, such as OneDrive, Microsoft teams and Skype, and that is just the software. What about how much money they make from hardware? Laptops, computers, phones, Xbox series consoles and more. The Microsoft store online is always jampacked full of products.

Now we will talk about Google. Google has a similar method of advertising, but more of their advertisements and marketing happens online because Google most commonly is used for its search engine. Google has become one of the most popular and well-known companies ever to exist. The company now even has a mention in the dictionary when people “google” something. Not many companies can boast about that. Since the company was only a search engine, they have had a lot more products. These products include a new range of smartphones, speakers, earphones, and tablets. The company has grown a lot since it first started. One of googles own marketing strategies which is known as the “word of mouth model” targets customers who can afford the latest. These customers or “tech geeks” will buy the latest products and tell their friends and family about it spreading awareness. This is why Google has a big selling point when it comes to their new products. Another good thing about Google and its marketing is its advertising. We all know Google is based online and started from a search engine, but when you sell other products such as phones and tablets, and mainly advertise online, it will be a lot easier. The company mainly puts advertisements on its search engine and can sponsor companies to include paid links on their website. This is one simple method that Google use to advertise. This is very effective too, because so many people use this search engine, which means lots of people will see it. The company also lets users create Gmail and google accounts so they will receive promotional deals.

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