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Mark Zuckerberg knows more than you think. Watch out – ADVERTISING!

by admin | in Facebook

Do you agree that social media is just about photos and boasting?
In this blog, I will not discover America for you, but I will open up the curtain of how people earn millions on advertising/PR/target and other tools of advertisements in social media.
Have you noticed that on your account in Instagram or Facebook you come across different ads about the things that you mentioned in your conversation with your friends within these 24 hours? And these advertisements appear very often from different brands or companies.
How does it work? What is it?
That is a target!
I am more than sure that you, like everyone else, have never read a longish text of the consent to use your data when you register in one of the social networking services.
In that long reading, there is a paragraph, where it is clearly stated that even during inactivity your microphone is on the wiretapping (but there it is described in the law language).
That is why all your discussions with friends and talks that you are on a diet starting from this Monday, are worked on. And in an hour or two elastic bands for training and fitness programs to lose weight within only 14 days will pop up on the screen of your device.
Even I can fall under the sway of a configured target while I am writing this blog.
How is it configured?
It is quite easy.
A company, that want their product to be sold, configure a bought advertisement in the very social media, where their products are on sale. For instance, let us take Instagram. While setting your profile you chose the age of your target audience, your region, and the number of coverage (how many people will see your posts). You also choose the way of expansion, for example, through stories or posts. Your request gets into the office of Instagram directly and you get the confirmation and the start of your advertisement within the next couple of hours.
After some time, new clients, who want to buy a miracle elastic band for fitness at home, will knock the door.
In modern society, advertisements are everywhere.
One of the leading professions of the 21-st century starting from 2019 is SMS-specialist.
Let us have a look at who these people are, and what they are in charge of.
Social Media Manager.
Here creativity takes the first place.  This person has to present and to sell the product in such a way that you will consider it as a vital thing.
Social Media Manager always has to keep up with the modern trends, to create visual content, and to lead such people as copywriters, content managers.
SMS-specialist always has to think over two steps ahead to be in advance of the opponents. The more interesting you generate the content, the more people will recognize your brand and the demand for the product will rise considerably.
What do you need to make your brand flourish?
The answer is a friendly team and a weirdo SMM-specialist.
We are done with the target, and the meaning of 3 letters of SMM is decoded. So, let us analyze the influence of this advertising world.
It is easy!
Advertisement is not always about clever purchases.
That is why over the last 10 years the amount of garbage has increased considerably.
Plastic is not an exception.
The right advertising is a powerful mechanism that absorbs everybody, starting from little ones and ending with elderly people.
Under its influence, people do rash purchases which affect our ecology badly.
That is why brads-giants in the realm of clothes (H&M, Top Shop, New Yorker, etc.) create widespread shares that draw our attention. They offer to get the new item of their new collection. However, if you bring several items of your old clothes you will get a good discount, and they will be sent for a recycle.
Eco-consuming is also in trend.
Cellophane rejection, disposable tableware, plastic/glass processing.
Advertisement takes place here as well. And thousands of SMM-specialists and PR companies are working on it.
Nowadays, the people, who used to work on sales growth, urge to do the same purchases but in eco style.
This business will always be of high priority.
Wish you creativity!

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