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SEO & Internet Marketing Guide

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Guide for Beginners and Advanced SEO's - Learn SEO tactics, tips & tricks at Cartoozo™ blog to increase the number of visitors to your website.


Social media marketing is one of the most prominent forms of marketing that is out there today. Regardless of what form of social media you are on (i.e Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Instagram, etc.), we are all subjected to some kind of marketing. Through different types of online traffic, almost all social media sites use their ways […]

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Ad Networks

by admin | in Blogging tips , Google

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’re interested in monetizing your blog. One of the most popular ways to do so is advertising. There are many different forms of advertising out there for bloggers – from ad networks like Google Ad Sense, to direct advertisements, to affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

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You often hear people talking about SEO writing and the importance that it has on the overall knowledge of your website. Why is this? Google has now become the most used search engine worldwide! There are approximately 150,000,000 active web pages on the internet today. It is vital that you understand the importance of the […]

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On today’s internet, the content is King, it won’t matter how many books you read, or how many conferences you go, they will all tell you the same or reach the same Conclusion, Content is what matters today, and you are not the only one realizing that, at this point, all content generators, marketing agencies, […]

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A Social Media Marketing Story This Social Media Marketing Story is about bubbles. Right; there’s no misspelled word here. Bubbles are our tiny comfortable worlds that harbor us and won’t let anyone who thinks differently from us enter. This bubble is like our Facebook feed and it swiftly becomes our idea of reality. But this […]

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The digital marketing landscape changes at such a rapid rate that businesses need to change strategies and tactics ever so often to keep up. Online marketers need to keep learning and changing tactics in order to keep up with marketing trends and gain an edge over competitors. New marketing trends will undoubtedly emerge in 2020 […]

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If you are looking for significant digital marketing strategies that can provide better value and lead to higher conversions, look no further. Here are a few simple, valuable and profitable digital marketing strategies for marketers: Invest your time in link audit To gain substantial results, invest your time and energy in link audit. The goal […]

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