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Are blogs old hat?

by admin | in Blogging tips , Content Creation , Content Marketing , SEO

We’ve been noticing an increase in the number of articles discussing blogs and their future on the internet. Some of these articles are claiming that the age of the blog is over, and that blogs are no longer useful, attractive, or even read.

We disagree! They are useful, and read, by millions of people on a daily basis. Admittedly, the way blogs are used has changed, and reader behaviour has changed too, but there is no doubt that blogs still play a very important role in content creation and SEO.

Here are some of our thoughts on why we believe blogs are still important.

The Google algorithms are much harder and stricter on any content that could be considered spam. As a result, article marketing needs to be done extremely carefully, and for many companies, it is not an ideal option. Having a blog gives you the perfect excuse to post articles regularly and share them. It’s a powerful alternative to article marketing. If you have a blog attached to your website, there is no reason why you can’t post a new article a few times per week.

Keywords can be incorporated into your blog articles. As long as you don’t stuff them with keywords you will have no problems.

Blogging sites like blogger and WordPress are still popular. However, it’s the blogs that have changed. Many businesses have blogs on their websites. Blogs are also written by hobbyists and amateurs in all areas and interests. And there are still examples of new blogs that take off and turn into lucrative income earners for their owners.

Blogs can give your SEO plans a boost too. In addition to the keywords, you can also share your blog articles on social media, and when you do, you can add links to relevant pages in your website, creating clever and allowable backlinks.

Add images to each blog article too. This will allow you to label them and thereby make them searchable on Google Images.

Blogs are wonderful ways to express ideas and thoughts, share tips, hints and advice. You can use your blog articles to engage with your customers, direct them to advice when they ask questions, and you can also use your blog to share news and achievements of the business.

With a blog, you can elevate your status by demonstrating your expertise in your industry. It’s not about creating your own Wiki, it’s about adding useful advice and interesting information to your website which adds to the quality content that is already there.

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