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SEO tips all bloggers need to know

by admin | in Blogging tips , Content Creation , SEO

There are literally millions of blogs on the internet, covering a huge variety of subjects and interests. One thing they all have in common is that they contain articles which can be searched for, and found via the search engines.

The most popular blogs will obviously show up at the top of search results. For many bloggers, having a popular blog may have happened by chance, as a result of the growing popularity of the articles they are publishing.

Although bloggers don’t need to be SEO experts to be successful, here are some invaluable tips that we believe all bloggers will benefit from. If you have a blog, you can achieve great results like higher rankings, an increase in links, and growing visitor numbers, all without spending too much time on traditional SEO tactics.

Post fantastic content

If you follow our articles, you will already know how passionate we are about content here at Cartoozo HQ. Good content is what will keep readers coming back regularly and sharing your blog articles. Make sure each blog post is error free, perfectly written and well-illustrated. The articles you write should be appropriate for the audience you are trying to reach too. Make the subjects you right about informative, engaging and interesting. Not too ‘preachy’ and always as helpful as possible. Be careful with the tone of your articles. Blogs are very personal, so remember you are talking directly to your reader and you don’t have to be too formal.

Whatever subject you are writing about, creating the best quality content will help you get noticed, and remembered.

Build a healthy community around your blog

The best blogs have happy followers who will regularly check in to read the latest posts. Good bloggers will take their audience and nurture it by creating a community atmosphere for readers. By engaging your readers, encouraging them to follow your blog, or register for updates, you can give regulars a sense of belonging to an exclusive club or group. Consider granting them access to additional information, or special articles. Use your articles to invite feedback by asking questions or asking them to share their opinions. These are all ways to build and nurture a loyal following of people who, not only read your blog, but value it, and contribute to its success.

Make it easy to share your content

The best blogs post a variety of articles which are perfect for sharing. Each of your articles should have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest link near-by so that readers can easily share the content. For Pinterest, remember it is image based so always ensure you have added an image suitable for this platform and that your posts are ‘pinable’. For embedded videos, make sure they can like the videos so the feedback shows up on YouTube or any other social media page you choose.

If you can incorporate these tips in to your blogs posts then you’ll already being doing a lot to boost your visibility in terms of SEO.

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