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Top 5 Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

by admin | in SEO

The digital marketing landscape changes at such a rapid rate that businesses need to change strategies and tactics ever so often to keep up. Online marketers need to keep learning and changing tactics in order to keep up with marketing trends and gain an edge over competitors.

New marketing trends will undoubtedly emerge in 2020 based on consumer demands, but we’ll look at the top 5 trends businesses should not ignore. If you are looking to expand your marketing strategies and learn how to generate impressive results, here are trends you should seriously consider.

Voice Search

If your business survived 2019 without using voice search in your marketing strategy, you might need to make it a priority. Some brands have already jumped at the opportunity, and it’s a trend that may be impossible to avoid in the near future.

Voice search is becoming the new norm, and an expected 50 percent of searches may be voice generated. How do you capitalize on this trend? Your website needs to be optimized for this feature by switching from short keywords to long-tail keywords. Invest in an excellent SEO strategy that will help you find the most relevant keywords and gain more traffic.

Original and Interactive Content

Consumers will be more engaged with your business if the content you provide is not only original but interactive as well. New, refreshing, and interactive content make customers feel valued. It gives them a unique browsing experience that captures their attention long enough to convert.

Additionally, interactive content equals shareable content, and the more customers share, the more potential customers you harness. Brand awareness will hike, and so will your reputation. People like doing business with people they trust, and if you provide interactive and original content, you’ll come off as an authority in your field, and more customers will trust you.

Social Media Stories

Social media stories are gaining momentum and for all the right reasons. These stories are a digital marketing trend that you cannot afford to ignore come 2020. They’ll not only increase engagement but promote brand awareness too. Customers will share stories, and you’ll get product or service reviews, which will help you improve your business.

Video and Audio Formats

A large percentage of digital audiences include Generation Z and Millennials. You need to find the best marketing strategies that reach out to this specific market, which is audio-visual content. More and more marketers are incorporating live videos and podcasts in their marketing strategy, something you should start doing as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to change the way people market their businesses. The same goes for chatbots. Despite being available for a while now, artificial intelligence has been out of reach for most marketers. However, with a wider range of AI technology available, you can utilize lead generation and marketing automation.

There You Have It!

These hot marketing strategies could help you stay ahead of the game come 2020. You’ll not only empower your brand but increase audience engagement and meaningful conversations that will help your business grow.

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