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Why is the Google algorithm so important?

by admin | in Google Aglorithms

You often hear people talking about SEO writing and the importance that it has on the overall knowledge of your website. Why is this? Google has now become the most used search engine worldwide! There are approximately 150,000,000 active web pages on the internet today. It is vital that you understand the importance of the Google Algorithm and how it works. This knowledge is going to help you get your web page to the top of the Google search pages in no time!

How does Google Algorithm work?

Google’s algorithm is like a server that sorts through thousands of websites every minute. Don’t you think that is cool? It looks for web pages that contain keywords that have been used in the search bar. It is almost like a pair of glasses that Google uses to find Waldo amongst the crowd. Google then assigns rankings to these pages based on a few factors, which include how many times a keyword appears on the page. The highest-ranked pages will appear in the search engine results page which is also known as the SERP. The best links relating to your search query will be the first ones on the Google list.

Google has more traffic than Microsoft as it overtook Microsoft in 2007. This means that it is important for your site to be ranked high up in the SERP so that you can get as much traffic to your page as possible.

How to climb the rankings?

Google uses programs known as Spiders or Crawlers. These programs go through web page links and create an index page for you to choose from. The programs look for once again the keywords that you have chosen as well as the keywords that the web user is using.

It is all very well for you to know that you need to use the correct keywords for your site to be found but there is also another factor that you need to consider. The Google algorithm looks at the placement of your keywords. It is a good idea for you to use your keywords in the title as well as the heading of your article, blog or website. It is not ideal for you to flood your article with the keywords but you should use them regularly throughout the page so that the algorithm can pick the keywords up easily.

With approximately 150,000,000 web pages for the Google Algorithm to search through and sift out, it is recommended that you choose the words that you wish to use in your article or website carefully. Keep in mind that if your site is not found on the first few pages of Google, a potential client will not look much further or trust your web page. We are a generation that wants things done now and done with speed. The quicker they can find a page that they like and trust, the quicker they will become a client or customer of yours. You want to be a website that stands out from the crowd and a web page that can be found easily. The Google algorithm is your key to your success on the internet!

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