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How to increase your YouTube views using SEO techniques

by admin | in YouTube

On today’s internet, the content is King, it won’t matter how many books you read, or how many conferences you go, they will all tell you the same or reach the same Conclusion, Content is what matters today, and you are not the only one realizing that, at this point, all content generators, marketing agencies, etc, know this.

So let’s say you own a Travel Agency and decide to create online content for Youtube, expend various hours creating an awesome video, giving tips to travelers to exotic lands, but after you are done you hit a wall, now that everyone is creating content, yours – No matter how awesome- is getting buried under the algorithm of Youtube, almost like the philosophical question about falling trees “If a cool video is watched by anyone, does it ever existed at all”.

Not to worry, this happens a lot, especially if you are beginning to start working on social media, the first part of the work creates great content, the second one is optimizing it to social media, and that’s where Youtube Search Engine Optimization – Or YouTube SEO- comes in.

But…What is Youtube SEO?

People Usually visit Youtube to either be entertained – Here’s where Kittens videos come in- or learn new things, so Youtube WORKS as a Search Engine such as Google, whenever you search for something like “How to create cool Kittens videos” for example, Youtube searches in its library and shows you the videos that are more related to your search.

The amount of content that we can see every day is incredible, but if we use a series of techniques we can make that Youtube’s algorithm shows our video first then everyone else video, increasing our followers of our youtube channel and views of our videos.

How can we make it work?

There’s no Golden Standard when it comes to How to Break the internet – Unless You are Kim Kardashian, in that case, just be you, and you’ll be ready to go- but there are a few steps that if we follow them we can boost the views, likes, and shares of our beloved videos.

So what can we recommend?

First, start with a bang, people usually stop watching a video after the first 20 seconds so make sure that the beginning of your video is entertaining enough to maintain them hooked on your video, increasing the valorization of the video within the Youtube SEO.

Second, select or create the right Thumbnail, how many times have you fell for a misleading thumbnail? exactly…a lot! why? because the right thumbnail can drag attention, there’s no need to “Catfish” your audience but make sure to select or create a cool one that grabs your audience as soon as they see them.

And Finally, but not least, Third, use Keywords Rankings for your video, how do we do this? if you select one subject – For example, 9 places to visit for vacations- make a Keywords research on what people who search “vacations” on Search engines are looking for, use the strongest Keywords for your title and first lines of the description, add the right tags related to your subject and “Presto”, you got yourself a Search Engine Optimized Video.

With these techniques you’ll begin to see how your videos start to attract more viewers, giving sense to the energy you are putting on your production, and helping you to successes in the competitive world of online content creation.

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