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Page Rank

The Page Rank (PR) of a page, is something which allows the search engines to see how important a page is and also shows which pages appear in their search results.

Finding its roots with the founders of Google, PR replaces the old system where people would continually use the same phrase to achieve higher search results.

The appeal of the PR system is that it shows the more important pages are the ones that have the most pages linking to them. Therefore, this means that a website which has a higher PR rank is seen to be leading web users to better sources.

Although the Page Rank is just one of the many factors that shows where your website appears in rankings, it can have a bigger effect if other factors are the same.

When looking for a higher PR rank, the best way is not to create links to other sites yourself. The best way is to create a lot of content at a high quality that will make people want to have a link from their website to yours.

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