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Church Digital Marketing
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Church Digital Marketing

Church digital marketing is an important way to reach new members using the internet. It's essential that you grow your church in this digital world, increasing your opportunities to reach new members. Using digital marketing techniques you can increase the number of people attending your services over a period of time.

With more than forty thousand places of worship in the United Kingdom, you need to focus on your church digital marketing without delay. This page will provide you with the valuable information that you need.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Churches

Church digital marketing is a cost effective solution offering good returns in the long run. Engaging with your community and increasing attendance are important to provide a positive impact in today's world. You provide people with hope, support and comfort. The internet is the best place to encourage people to attend services and deepen their spiritual beliefs.

Providing a welcoming church environment is important, but this isn't enough when it comes to spreading awareness about your church, services, classes and events. Church digital marketing is the way forward, effectively reaching people to boost attendance numbers.

Core Elements of Church Digital Marketing

Church digital marketing incorporates a number of core elements that need to be fulfilled to achieve the success you are looking to achieve.

Social Media Management

There are just shy of five million social media users in the world today. Advertising your church on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others helps you reach your audience. Social media is a chance to provide information on upcoming events and services, helping you engage with new and existing members on a daily basis.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important part of your church digital marketing campaign. From monthly newsletters to updated information on upcoming events, you can email your members to keep them updated on what is happening at your church right now. It is recommended to keep a consistent email marketing trail to keep members updated and interested.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is another important part of your digital marketing efforts. From creating forums where members can discuss important issues and share advice to creating online events, you will find that community engagement keeps your audience interested and coming back for more.

Developing a Church Digital Marketing Plan

An effective church digital marketing plan takes some effort, paying close attention to your internet goals. There are three steps you can take right now to boost your online marketing efforts without delay.

  • Determine Your Goals – As a religious leader, there is a reason you are reading this page right now. Maybe your church's numbers are dwindling or you want to reach a wider audience. Setting your goals on what you hope to achieve through digital marketing is the first step to success.
  • Set Your Budget – It is important to set yourself a church digital marketing budget before you start. If you do not have knowledge of this type of marketing, then you may want to hire a professional digital marketing agency, such as Cartoozo, to assist you. Knowing your budget gives the agency something to work with.
  • Social Media – You can set up a free social media page right now. Social media is a powerful tool to drive new and existing members to your church website. You can attract new members by sharing valuable content across a number of social media platforms.
  • Email Marketing – You can reach your existing members without delay by encouraging them to furnish you with their email address. This can help you stay connected with your members and drive them to your church website. Engaging email campaigns should link members to your website, encouraging them to subscribe to your blog or website.
  • Monitoring and Adjusting – Ensure you regularly monitor your digital marketing success, making necessary adjustments where you see it is not performing as you hoped.

Tools and Resources

There are a number of excellent tools and resources you can use to ensure your church digital marketing is achieving results.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a very versatile free tool that you can use, making digital marketing easier. It collects data from search results, enabling you to analyse keyword percentages, topic searches and more. You can use it to help you create your next newsletter or email marketing campaign.


Mailchimp is a must for an effective email marketing campaign. This tool assists you with everything you need to help you get your email marketing off the ground without delay. It includes more than one hundred email campaign templates, eight of which are completely free. It also offers a scheduling feature and email editor. You can even auto-resend the email to anyone that hasn't opened the original email you sent.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a free tool and provides you with valuable information on your Facebook posts, page performance and user activity. It analyses members already connected to your page, along with other users. It provides valuable insights into user demographics, including age, gender, education, and relationship status.

Overall, any place of worship in today's digital world needs to be embracing church digital marketing in order to grow and succeed. You are competing against forty thousand churches across the country. Digital marketing is an effective way to stay engaged with your existing gmembers and attract the attention of new members.

Contact Cartoozo today to schedule your church digital marketing consultation and let us help you increase your attendance ratings. FAQs The most common questions asked regarding church digital marketing includes:

What is Digital Marketing an Effective Investment for My Church?

Digital marketing is cost effective with an excellent return on investment. It boosts your churches visibility, credibility and attracts new members to your institution.

How Else Can I Market My Church?

The best way to market your church effectively is to maintain a user friendly website, have a good online presence, ensure you provide accessible communication, promote yourself on social media and encourage members to leave reviews.

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