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Is your website ready for Cyber Monday?

by admin | in Content Marketing , E-commerce , Internet promotions , Marketing

Cyber Monday is less than two weeks away! For our clients and followers in the USA, Cyber Monday is big business. It is a term that was coined by internet marketing companies around eight years ago. The term refers to the first day of internet shopping after Thanksgiving. This year, it’s on the 2nd December.

Since the term first appeared in 2005, it has grown into a significant date for internet businesses all over the world, especially those who have a large percentage of American customers.

We thought it was a timely opportunity to remind you about Cyber Monday and share some tips to successfully prepare for it. If you have an online business, and have customers from the USA, then you may already have prepared for this online shopping bonanza. Either way, we’re sure we have some tips to help you.

According to statistics, if you are an online retailer with an American customer base, then you need to be ready for Cyber Monday. Sales on this day can jump by up to 15%! 2nd Dec is the date when online shoppers truly start buying for Christmas, in earnest. They are looking for offers, promotions, and the latest, and best, gifts to purchase for the Holiday season.

What are you selling on your website? If you are a retailer of products which would be of interest in the run up to the Holidays, you should be getting ready for the rush. Cyber Monday is like Black Friday, except online!

Here are our top tips to help you prepare your website, social media, and promotional material for this upcoming consumer extravaganza.

Remember to use the term, Cyber Monday, in your content. Now is the time to post news, highlighting special offers, or new products in time for the big day. Consider a blog article and social media posts on the subject.

Update the content on your home page to make it more seasonal and suitable for Cyber Monday. Consider running a special online event or competition to mark the occasion.

Use images to good effect. Sue your social media account to post images of some of your most popular products, containing links to your website. This will start to promote exactly what you are selling and give consumers great gift and Holiday shopping ideas.

If you advertise online, it’s worth changing your adverts to include the Cyber Monday term and your offer. This will attract the attention of the shoppers.

Consumers are already aware that bargains are to be found on this date, so plan some excellent offers, one day vouchers, or special Cyber Monday privileges for orders made on the day. You will attract shoppers by tempting them with exciting and compelling offers. Even a generous discount or a free item with every order can work wonders for visitor levels to your website, and to sales. Don’t forget to make sure your customers understand the offers are for ‘one day only’.

Check your metrics on Google Analytics before the 2nd December, and then check them afterwards. It will give you a great indication on how successful your Cyber Monday promotions have been. And you’ll be able to learn from the results in preparation for the post-Christmas Sales, and for next year!

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