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Use Smart SEO Tools and Extensions for more Productivity

Use Smart SEO Tools and Extensions for more Productivity

by admin | in SEO

Proper use of SEO tools and extensions can help you to improve your SEO activities.

Let’s find out how to use these tools and extensions to grow business productivity.


 This is the most popular Chrome extensions that helps you to easily shorten, measure, and optimise your links and share them on social media directly from the browser. This extension is useful for all those who want to use social media platforms.


  • Save content from your browser directly to your Bitly account.
  • Create Bitlinks with your unique domain for extra advantage.
  • Use bitly to send links directly via email.


 Use BuzzSumo to view and analyse the most shared content; you can also use it to study top performing content formats on the web.


Use BuzzSumo to share content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

  • Use it to perform competitor’s link analysis.


This SEO tool helps you to streamline your SEO efforts. Use it to create custom searches, compare and analyse link metrics, highlight links and keywords, and much more.


Use MozBar to view and validate authorship of a website.

  • It is the best tool to view social metrics  of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc.
  • Pro marketers use it to perform extensive SERP analysis.
  • This tool also helps to take meaningful and strategic SEO decisions.


 This Chrome toolbar offers information related to SEO, social media, and content marketing metrics.

Use it to analyse click-through rate, backlinks, and time spent on each web page, etc.


Use Impactana to find compelling and interesting content.

  • Use this tool for brand monitoring as well as reputation management.
  • Set up alerts in Impactana to receive email notification.

Bookmark Manager

 Use this Chrome tool to organise websites. You can save websites, create folders, and add notes for further reference.

You will be surprised to know that you can access your bookmarks from anywhere on all of your devices.


Use Bookmark Manager to organise bookmarks into folders.


 Make your content easy to read, fluent, effective, and error-free with the help of this application. Grammarly can also fix complex grammatical errors, including subject-verb agreement, article, etc.


 This is an efficient task management application that helps you to streamline your projects and improve your performance. This tool helps you to connect and collaborate with employees.

By the way ToDoist works seamlessly across more than 10 different platforms in 20 languages,

Use these smart tools, applications and extensions to enhance your overall productivity.

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