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Understand the Real Value of LinkedIn

Understand the Real Value of LinkedIn

by admin | in SEO

If you still believe that LinkedIn is only for job seekers and recruiters, you are missing out a vital opportunity as a business owner. It has become a premier social networking website with advanced features and options. You must use it to influence customers, decision makers and improve your brand’s image in an interactive manner.

Today, most marketers use LinkedIn for their B2C marketing purposes.

Here are a few reasons why you should use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn profiles

It is easy to create LinkedIn profiles.  Use it to check company profiles, their culture, history and number of professionals, etc.

Easy to connect with managers and business owners

Use it to get connected with managers, information officers, recruiters, and business owners, etc.  It helps you to efficiently improve your business connections and its overall productivity.


Today, visibility is not only a buzz word but a reality, so use LinkedIn because it is one of the best platforms for visibility.  “LinkedIn is the 16th most visited website in the world”.

“For better results, optimise your LinkedIn profile”.

Source of business intelligence

With its extraordinary features like LinkedIn Signal, it has become a unique source of business intelligence. In fact, it allows business owners, CEOs, CTOs and other industry leaders to interact with one another and drive better business outcomes.

“Highlight your uniqueness, skills, expertise, and focus on your company’s details in your LinkedIn profile”.

Professional network

LinkedIn may have fewer users as compared to Facebook; however, its users have a professional mindset. That is why it is advisable to use it as a business tool. In addition to that, LinkedIn has specialised widgets that allow people to recommend your products and services.

“Take time to complete your LinkedIn profile for maximum benefit”.

LinkedIn increases targeted community

Like any other social networking platform, LinkedIn also allows its users to follow business houses/firms and start interaction with them.

Some people still argue that such features are available on other platforms like Facebook, but when it comes to relevance, nothing can beat LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Supports robust interaction

Its “LinkedIn Groups” feature allows you to build a community of professionals.

Having a LinkedIn Group itself offers a distinctive advantage, such as fast and reliable content sharing.

Better Page Management features

Whether you are aware about it or not, LinkedIn has multiple moderation tools, which no other platform offers. LinkedIn Group administrators can see the current status of people, add them, delete them, etc.


  • Always add your photo to establish your social media credibility.
  • Add your full name and address to increase the chances of your discoverability.
  • Focus on your profile’s headline to attract users.
  • Never skip the education, public profile and website section.
  • Use its Introduction feature.
  • Describe your area of expertise in the “experience section”.
  • Make sure your “contact setting” is updated and reflects your objectives.

It is a well established fact that LinkedIn has the potential to improve your business’ image as well as overall networking ability.

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