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Tools to Improve your Social Media Presence

Tools to Improve your Social Media Presence

by admin | in SEO

  • 77% of B2C companies have acquired new customers through their Facebook presence.
  • Twitter has approximately 320 million active users in a month.
  • LinkedIn now has 400 million active users in a month.
  • YouTube has over 1 billion users’ visit every day.

These facts exhibit the grand power and potential of social media. If you are a business owner, use social media to accelerate your revenue.

Here are a few tools to streamline your social media efforts:

Nuvi (It is a real-time intelligence platform) 

Nuvi is an effective social media marketing suite that offers visually appealing social media insights. It is designed to simplify social media data reporting as well as monitoring. Use it to devise a productive social media strategy.


  • Use it to publish and schedule content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one platform.
  • Use it to monitor critical piece of social data (hashtag, keyword, URL, etc).
  • Access it to make informed marketing decisions.

Edgar (It maintains a library of posts)

Use this tool to schedule and post content according to categories. This tool recycles older updates also.


  • Use it to share updates through Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), and LinkedIn.
  • Use it to share GIF, JPEG, and PNG files.

Sprout Social

This is a powerful social media management platform that has a Unified Smart Inbox to streamline social engagement. (Sprout Social helps to draft, schedule, queue and post messages from a single place.)


  • Use it to publish messages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Use it to measure performance of social posts and develop better social media marketing strategies.
  • Access it to manage your CRM (nurture leads, prevent duplicate efforts, etc).


This is a fully-featured dashboard for Twitter. It helps to organise feeds, notifications, messages and supports management of multiple accounts.


  • Use it for real-time tracking, organising, and engagement.
  • Use it to effectively reach your audiences.


Use it to create designs for Websites, blogs, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and much more.


  • Use it to design presentations and social media graphics.
  • Use it to create professional design to attract visitors.


Memes are the most viral content on social media. If you want to make memes, use Quickmeme. It provides a great variety of meme templates.


  • Use it to create funny, captioned pictures.
  • Use Quickmeme to boost engagement.


Audiense provides unique customer insights (such as audience behaviour, tracking and reporting).


  • Use it to increase your social media efforts.
  • Use it to take fast decisions.


This is one of best online marketing tools to manage followers on Twitter and Instagram. It is an ideal tool for maximising the relevance on social media.


  • Use it to grow your social network.
  • Use it to find your targeted audience and improve engagement.

SocialRank (A social media audience management tool)

This is a smart tool to identify, organise, and manage followers on Twitter as well as Instagram. It helps brands to identify their most influential and engaged followers in real time.


  • Use it to manage your followers.
  • Access it to know about influential users.

Bonus tips:

  • Use Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights for better understanding and profitability.
  • Use LikeAlyzer to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook page.
  • Use IFTTT to link multiple applications to automate tasks.

So, use the above mentioned tools to improve your social media presence.

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