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Techniques to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

by admin | in SEO

  • Do you use blogging to promote your business?
  • Do you want more engagement on your blog?
  • Do you want more traffic for better revenues?

Today, top business leaders, online marketing strategists, business executives, and social media marketers use blogging to connect with their customers in real time.

Here are a few techniques to improve your blog’s overall traffic:

Identify your audience

Research your audience before writing a post.

This will help you to reach a larger audience and grow your traffic.


  • Analyse and understand the social media activity of targeted users.
  • Understand their problems and issues.
  • Try to inspire your readers and show them the right path.
  • Conduct a competitive link research using an Open Site Explorer.

Conduct comprehensive keyword research

Use the finest tools to research and extract relevant keywords and key phrases. Try proven keyword research tools, study competitors, analyse Amazon search results and other useful techniques to choose the best suitable keywords.


  • Use different word combinations.
  • Use exact match keywords.
  • Take keyword ideas from SEMrush.
  • Use Quintura to visualise related words.


For better results, make your blog’s content SEO-friendly. Optimise your blogs according to your keywords to attract more and more traffic.

You need to use a blogging platform that is not only SEO friendly, but also supports your activity.


  • Use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla for blog optimisation and content management.
  • Choose mobile-ready designs and themes for your blog.
  • Use Technorati, Google Blog Search, Google Trends, and Google News to find trending topic.
  • Monitor ProBlogger and Performancing regularly.
  • Use rel=author to establish yourself as an author.

Install Analytics

In order to measure your efforts, integrate analytics code into your blog because this will help you to analyse traffic sources and locations of your users.

Monitor the sources that are sending the maximum number of readers. Never ignore Analytics because it can take your blog to new heights.


  • Track your best blog posts and try to develop such posts.
  • Remove fake traffic in order to study the real traffic.
  • Customise your dashboards according your objectives.
  • Always Measure the rate of engagement.

Add Graphics

To increase the overall traffic, include quality graphics, videos, examples, case studies and slides. This will make your blog interactive and visually attractive.


  • Acknowledge or link back to the original image source.
  • Use interesting and engaging images and videos.
  • Publish articles in local blog directories and magazines.

Join communities

Join social communities where you can find the maximum number of readers. For better results, join StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit. These platforms have millions of users.


  • Understand rules, formats and etiquettes of sharing on these platforms.
  • Tailor your content according to the platform for better yields.
  • Engage users by sharing your blog posts.
  • Give credit to other bloggers and build a healthy community.
  • Find new guest blogging opportunities.
  • Participate in QA sessions.
  • Submit your blogs to blog aggregators such as Alltop.
  • Check out the profiles of influential authors and customise yours accordingly.
  • Promote your post to the maximum number of media outlets.
  • Try to obtain backlinks from .edu resources.

Earning good traffic is not difficult; just maintain discipline.

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