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Techniques to gain quick rankings and traffic

Techniques to gain quick rankings and traffic

by admin | in SEO

Businesses always want to dominate search engine result pages and attract organic traffic; however, they often fail to strike the right balance.

Here are a few SEO techniques that can help online businesses to gain rankings and traffic:

Use of Infographics

Infographics are the most effective medium of communication. They provide comprehensive information in simple graphical forms.

If you are still to use infographics, use them now.


Always provide facts and figures in your infographics.

  • Use easy-to-understand infographics.
  • Use high quality infographics creation tools.
  • Promote your infographics to the maximum number of social sites.
  • Use Canva to create high quality and informative infographics.

Creating  an attractive Profile

Create an impressive profile of your business on social sites. It attracts business partners as well as customers. It helps your business to attract quality traffic.


Always provide full business details from address to working hours.

  • Optimise your business’s profile.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Create a profile that can reflect your brand’s value.
  • Provide links of other social media accounts.
  • Use LinkedIn to improve your brand reputation.
  • Create business profile according to the platform.

Taking  advantage of internal linking

 Internal linking is the most overlooked part of SEO.  Use internal linking to improve users’ experience. In fact it improves rankings of certain keywords.


Use relevant anchor texts.

  • Use internal linking to help users to quickly navigate your website.
  • Use internal linking to increase the visibility of a website as well as engage users

Guest blogging

 If you have complete knowledge of your industry, you should embrace guest blogging.

Guest blogging helps to:

Educate and help users

  • Influence market leaders and industry experts
  • Improve website’s visibility and traffic
  • Establish your leadership
  • Build relationships with users
  • Extend network, build solid portfolio and credibility
  • Improve writing skills
  • Build Domain and Search Engine Authority

This shows that guest blogging improves brand exposure and awareness. So, it goes without saying that you must embrace it to achieve success.

Optimise your website

Some marketers believe that optimising a website is a sheer waste of time, which is a wrong notion. It has its own advantages and can pave the way for unmatched success.


Include keywords in title tag, URL and in image alt text for better visibility and traffic.

  • Write unique content on every page.
  • Optimise content.
  • Build solid backlinks.
  • Simplify site’s navigation structure
  • Never ignore rich snippets.
  • Remove 404 errors.
  • Fix pagination issues

Write press releases

 Modern marketers make their presence felt by writing press releases for their products, services and brand.


Submit your press release to the maximum number of sites.

  • Promote your PR on social sites.
  • Write press releases to attract new traffic to the website.
  • Publish your PR on the top PR networks to extend your site’s reach.

Use multimedia

Use images, videos and infographics on your website to increase engagement and reduce bounce rate. It is also helpful in attracting new customers.


According to study, relevant images increase the number of views by 94%.

  • Images, videos and infographics make a website interactive and pleasing.


Integrate videos to your home page.

  • Use high quality images to boost credibility of your website.

All these elements help to gain good rankings and organic traffic.

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